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Currently feeling: angelstar-kaos030Worried

Man, I haven’t posted in, like, a long time? Life has just been so busy! Our school is doing speeches, so now, I have to spend most of the long weekend trying to memorize it. ^^ I’m so worried…

Anyways, I think I have gotten the hang of Photoshop. It’s still a bit difficult to work with at times, but I think I managed to grasp the basics. angelstar-kaos003

Well, my computer also, had like, 2 different viruses on it? I find that to be terribly ironic because I did an essay on hacks and viruses near the beginning of the school year. I thought it was the Conficker worm (I got in this huge panic before April 1st) but in the end, a simple virus scanny thing got rid of them. Thank goodness.

Well, it’s Good Friday today. A classmate of mine is fasting for 30 hours, and he’s trying to get sponsors so he can donate the money to children in Africa. Something like that. I think that’s a pretty good way to spend  your Easter, isn’t it? :3

                                                                          ~Aria ♪

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