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Queen’s Day in Netherlands

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Yummy orange food!

General Overview

Known as Koninginnedag in the Netherlands, it is usually celebrated on the 30th of April (or the 29th, if the 30th is a Sunday). It is an annual Dutch national holiday to celebrate the late Queen Juliana’s birthday. ^^


It was intended to be a day of national unity. It all started with the celebration of the birthday of Queen Wilhelmina on August 31st. What made this day special was that, not only was it the Queen’s birthday, it was also the last day of summer vacation for children. Since Queen Juliana ascended the throne, the day has been changed to April 30. The queen would receive a flower tribute at Soestdijik Palace, accepting congratulations and presents. Queen’s Day has been on April 30th ever since.

The boats offered some relief from the crowds. They’re always great places to party! :)


On this day, most of the people wear orange (Dutch’s national colour). It refers to the Dutch royal family, The House of Orange. Why, practically everything is orange-coloured, including food, drink and the decorations! ^o^

There is also the vrijmark or free market, which is similar to a flea market. There is no tax here, thanks to a holiday dispensation from the Dutch government, and many interesting things can be purchased there.

There are plenty more festivities and such… however, I think this post has taken up enough space already… so, if you want anymore info on Queen’s Day, check out this Wikipedia article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Koninginnedag <— my resource! I took the info there and condensed it a bit. ^^ Visit that link if you want some more information about Queen’s Day.

Happy Queen’s Day everyone!

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Credits: Since I didn’t go take part in the celebrations myself, I don’t have any pictures. Please e-mail me at: ariarose@mymelody.com (with proof) if you want to claim the pictures as yours, so I can give credit, or take it down if you wish. Thanks!~

Earth Day

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Today is Earth Day! We didn’t do much really. We did watch The Lorax though… it’s a pretty cute and meaningful movie. We read the picture books a couple of weeks before. :)

Above is the first part of The Lorax. If you want to watch the rest of it, it’s all on Youtube. Check it out!

We’ll be doing a 20 minute earth clean-up on Friday. Is anyone else doing something like that for the week? We are also encouraged to bring “litterless” lunches for the entire week (no water bottles, tin foil or wrappers, stuff like that) and if we brought a litterless lunch for the day, we got a ticket that will go towards a draw.

Hello Kitty supports the earth, too! 

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Happy Birthday! (Again)

Cinderella birthday 

Well, happy belated birthday to my friend, who’s b-day was on the 11th. Unfortunately, I STILL haven’t gotten her a birthday present, so I guess I’m in trouble?  chikas_pink12

Updated the About Me page and made a new Link Back page with 4 different buttons/banners to choose from! :3 So… link back?

Anyways… that’s it I guess… I can’t wait until school is over… my friends are driving me crazy… chikas_pink35

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How Long has it Been? ^^;

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Man, I haven’t posted in, like, a long time? Life has just been so busy! Our school is doing speeches, so now, I have to spend most of the long weekend trying to memorize it. ^^ I’m so worried…

Anyways, I think I have gotten the hang of Photoshop. It’s still a bit difficult to work with at times, but I think I managed to grasp the basics. angelstar-kaos003

Well, my computer also, had like, 2 different viruses on it? I find that to be terribly ironic because I did an essay on hacks and viruses near the beginning of the school year. I thought it was the Conficker worm (I got in this huge panic before April 1st) but in the end, a simple virus scanny thing got rid of them. Thank goodness.

Well, it’s Good Friday today. A classmate of mine is fasting for 30 hours, and he’s trying to get sponsors so he can donate the money to children in Africa. Something like that. I think that’s a pretty good way to spend  your Easter, isn’t it? :3

                                                                          ~Aria ♪

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