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Haven’t posted in a couple of days… but first of all, the greatest of great news: I GOT ADOBE PHOTOSHOP!!!chikas_pink10

Man, it’s hard to use… ^^; Well, I’m learning! The banner above is a… test of sorts, I guess. Oh, and:

Yup, Earth Hour!

Make sure to turn off your lights! :3

                                                                                      ~Aria ♪

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  1. Hi! I was wondering about something… Do/could you create forum siggies that do not have Sanrio characters in them? I was just wondering, because I’d really like a siggy of something other than Sanrio. BTW, thanks for the blog link again! I love it! ;) And if you could get back with me about the siggy thing, that would be awesome. And it’s okay if you can’t. Just email me and I’ll get back with you ASAP. Thanks! :)

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