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Blog Banners!

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Haven’t posted in a couple of days… but first of all, the greatest of great news: I GOT ADOBE PHOTOSHOP!!!chikas_pink10

Man, it’s hard to use… ^^; Well, I’m learning! The banner above is a… test of sorts, I guess. Oh, and:

Yup, Earth Hour!

Make sure to turn off your lights! :3

                                                                                      ~Aria ♪

My Visit to Court

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First of all, no, I wasn’t arrested, haha. As a “field trip” of sorts, we got to go to court and watch a real trial take place! It wasn’t as exciting as I’d thought it would be, but hey, TV does dramatize things a fair bit. Oh, and it wasn’t anything like the Phoenix Wright series, to all of you who are fans, and have never seen a trial.

Speaking of Phoenix Wright, I’ve been playing a whole bunch of DS games; Rune Factory 2 (I’m not a very big fan of the first one), Luminous Arc 2 (I’ve never played the first one, and I don’t plan to) and Avalon Code (pretty fun, except for the fact that they don’t even include a tutorial, so you’re basically left clueless with the controls). Spring break is nearly coming to an end, so I’m trying to get in as many hours of game time before school starts again.

Oh, and one more thing: my cousin and my brother have also created Sanrio Town accounts! My brother won’t be blogging that much, he only really joined because he wanted to play HKO and get a couple of the monsters (most notably the dinosaurs) as pets. Other than that, well, he thinks it’s a bit too “girly” for him. :D My cousin joined for the same reason I did, cuz it’s cute.

I’ll include their blog addresses next time I post, because I’m going to be making some buttons for them.

I guess that’s it. Time for a nap.

                                                                 ~Aria ♪

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

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Begone, Preview watermark! onigiri_angry


The wonderful day of shamrocks and leprechauns has finally arrived! Rejoice! Rejoice!

Or maybe not. I just don’t feel in the spirit of things right now. –_- Well, anyways, if you see any Irish on the streets, be sure to show some appreciation!

*Insert phony Irish accent here*

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you all!

                                                     May the luck of the Irish be with you,

                                                                                           ~Aria ♪

Oh man, if your Irish, I apologize for including so many Irish cliches here. x_x Sorry.

I Made a Button!

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SanrioTown Blog Banner Voila! ‘Tis the labour of… I dunno how long it took. XD It was made in Microsoft paint. The gradients were done using this fantabulous guide: http://www.mahudsblog.ourgardenpath.com/?p=591 and the font was hand-pixelled by me, with a font from dafont.com. Not as easy as it looks. –_-;

Anyhoo, it’s certainly nothing fancy, but hey, I’m pretty proud of it. Once I get around to making a Button link page, I think I’ll be including this banner on it. There’s a possibility I’ll be getting Photoshop Elements (yay!), so I might make some fancier ones.

Well, today, we were supposed to visit a museum, but in the end, we decided not to so instead, we took a walk downtown. Let me tell you, it was cold. Now, I have a splitting headache. Don’t know if it’s related to the walk or not, but meh.

Well, to cap off this entry, I think I’ll be making some more pixelled buttons and banners when I feel up to it, so stay tuned! :3

                                                                             ~Aria ♪

My Birthday and Pi Day…

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Well, today is my birthday!~ chikas_pink52 The post dates are really weird, but over here, it’s still March 14, just to clear a few things up. ^^ On top of that, it’s also Pi Day! Whoopee… I never even knew. ^^;

Yays! Pi, pie? Get it? chikas_pink08

We don’t plan on doing anything special; just a birthday cake (not pie), a nice dinner, and some presents. A couple of friends called or e-mailed to wish me a happy b-day. :) I feel so loved. r-niya

I’ve realized that I seem to cry on practically every single b-day of mine. Man, that’s gonna get annoying…

As for presents, I got Tree of Tranquility! Huzzah! onigiri_cheerleader Looking forward to playing it. :3

In Neopets news, today is Scorchio Day! I think it’s a wonderful coincidence that my first (and favourite) Neopet shares his pet day with my birthday.

scorchio_day_2009 Here’s the Scorchio Day banner. ^^

Well, I’ll include a little birthday card thing for everyone who also has a birthday on March 14th. r-bay Naturally, we’re born on the best day of the year! ^^

Hello Kitty pie

Credit for pie goes toward whoever made it. ^^;

                                                                                                     ~Aria ♪

My Wishlist!

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Well, tomorrow’s my birthday! No plans, really, but I find it really lucky that my birthday is on the first day of spring break. chikas_pink32

My day was pretty good; nothing excited happened, as usual, but the weather is nice. Springs on the way, and I’m glad; I’m getting pretty sick of winter and all that snow and slush.

I`m going to post a list of things I really want (but I doubt I`ll get) for my birthday. It’s mostly wishful thinking, and I’ll be happy with whatever old  thing people give me, but I’m crossing my fingers for these:

1. Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop Elements

I’ve wanted Adobe Photoshop for a  loooong time now. –_-; However, it’s so so expensive, I don’t think I’ll be getting it anytime soon… I showed my mom the program and she saw the price and said no before I get even utter another word. chikas_pink34

2. Harvest Moon – Tree of Tranquility

Harvest Moon - Tree of Tranquility Coverart.png

I’ve played my friend’s game, and I have to say, I love it. chikas_pink13 The characters are adorable, and the Wii remote makes it instant win. ^^  I might not be getting Adobe Photoshop, but I’ll hopefully get this game… Oh, and speaking of ToT:

 char_roomi This is the avatar I made for the Ushi no Tane forums… cuz Luna is my favourite character, along with Chase. ^^ I made it in GIMP, and since I hardly even know how to use GIMP (the tutorials I find online only make me more confused chikas_pink06 ) I don’t think this is one of the best avatars out there…  but pretty good for a first try I guess…

3. To achieve my Neopets goals!

I’m not gonna list them all here; maybe in another post. But, let me tell you now, the list is very long, and it makes me cry when I read it. chikas_pink01 Anyways, for those who play Neopets, I’m not expecting people to give me paint brushes and lend me some expensive avatar items or to give me a whole bunch of Neopoints; it’s more of a wish that I’ll be able to achieve them eventually… I stress eventually. Oh, and if you have no idea what I’m talking about, just ignore this section. ^o^

4. The Nintendo DSi

It’s not even released yet, but I just want to add it to this list… I mean, I don’t want it as badly as I do Photoshop and ToT, but it looks cool! You can take pictures with it! My DS Lite is perfectly fine, though, and it doesn’t really matter to me whether I get it or not.

Oh wow, the stuff on my list are so expensive! (With the exception of my Neopets goals of course; but achieving those goals are a whole other kind of expensive. –_-;) Anyways, hope everyone has had a great Friday the 13th… hope not too much bad luck has hit ya! chikas_pink23

                                                                      ~Aria ♪

Note: For some odd reason, this entry is posted as March 14th… which is tomorrow. Well, just for some reference for when I mention it being Friday the 13th and it saying it was posted on March 14th…

My Frequent Internet Haunts

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Gosh, I’ve been blogging everyday since I created my account on here. Still, it’s an outlet of sorts, and I feel like it, so… here I am. ^^

Anyways, my day wasn’t terribly exciting, so I won’t be talking about that here. As the title of this entry suggests, I’ll be talking about various websites I like to go on. Maybe you’ll visit some of them and grow to like them, also!

  1. Neopets

Err… yeah. No, it’s not a children’s site; there’s actually a lot of oldies there too. :P So, feel free make an account there! It’s very fun, and there’s always plenty of activities to do.


If you don’t have an account already, feel free to click on the picture of the little dino (a Baby Grarrl, in Neopets terms) to create an account!

2. Ushi No Tane

Ushi No Tane


Click on the link above for the best Harvest Moon & River King website ever! There are many pages if you need help with either River King or Harvest Moon games, and even a forum where you can chat and ask questions on gaming.

3. Fanfiction.net


I have not created an account here, because I don’t like the idea of posting my stories on a website; but some of the authors here are amazing! Check it out.

Well, that is really all that I can think of… other than of course, Sanrio Town. Let me tell you now, if haven’t already created an account on this website, you really should! And with the release of HKO, there’s gonna be plenty more to do! So, if you haven’t signed up, SIGN UP NOW! :D Kthx.


                                                                                                 ~Aria ♪

Happy Birthday Shoutout!

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Yup, today is the birthday of my good friend. So, happy birthday to her. onigiri_fiesta I’m not sure if she’s a  fan of Badtz-Maru, but he’s cute, so here ya go! :3

To tell you the truth, though, today was a pretty dismal day. chikas_pink01  It was just bad luck all around. –_- Nothing seemed to be going well at all

Well, enough of that, I know no one wants to hear me whining… I’ll include a few Cinnamoroll pics ‘cause that cute little puppy is her favourite Sanrio character. :3

I’ll be using on of these pics to make her a birthday card on MS Paint. Wish me luck!

                                                                                              ~Aria ♪

Bokurano – “Uninstall” Piano Version

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If you watch this video, this is probably going to be some of the most awesome piano playing you’ll ever see.  The song being played is called “Uninstall,” the opening for the anime, Bokurano. I’ve never watched the anime myself, but if you want more info about it, you can read about it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bokurano

Now, on to the video!

I’ve been trying to play this song myself, and I think I’m doing pretty well on it (sorry, I don’t know where I got the sheet music…).This video inspired me to practice playing this song, and I actually think I’m doing pretty well… then I go ahead and watch this video again, and my self-esteem plummets.  But losing my self-esteem is worth it… the playing, the music, it’s all so beautiful! Hopefully, someday, I’ll be able to play this song with the same sort of grace, technicality and brilliancy that this pianist has put into his playing.

In other news, school is hectic, as always. Meh… I have some studying to do, so I guess I should end this ridiculously long entry here.

                                                                                             ~Aria ♪

New Blog @ SanrioTown!

Currently feeling:  Excited

The title says it all; as you can see, I’ve created a new blog at SanrioTown! I didn’t really give it much thought when I signed up… I just thought it looked very cute.

I’m still learning the ins and outs of blogging, so bear with me! Any advice, tips, or constructive criticism is much appreciated! 

Well, I guess I should introduce myself!  My favourite Sanrio character would probably be My Melody and her little brother, Rhythm! (Bunnies ftw!) The image below is from photobucket, so if you’re reading this, and the image belongs to you, please let me know, and I’ll give you credit.

You can call me Aria or Rose, other than that, I won’t be revealing much else about myself.

And thanks muchly to my future readers! Hope my blog doesn’t disappoint!




                                            ~Aria ♪

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