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Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 25th, 2008

I hope whatever you’re celebrating this time of year goes wonderfully & you enjoy this time of peace & light. :)

Merry Christmas from Arcsis!
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Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

I’ve finally broken down & joined twitter.
You can see my updates here:

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    Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

    I’ve been a fan of the anime series Slayers for many years. Hell, I have the whole 1st series in VHS. Recently I have discovered that my favorite series has been revived in DVD form! Last summer, funimation had re-released the original series onto dvd, digitally remastered & all that jazz. So now  that I have a chance to get back into the Slayers groove, I need to go over what’s out there to absorb.

    It breaks down into 5 areas of entertainment:
    TV Anime, Movies, OVA’s, Manga & Novels

    TV: 5 Series (seasons)
    Slayers - 26 eps (1995) (Watch official stream on YouTube!)
    Slayers Next - 26 eps (1996) (Watch official stream on YouTube!)
    Slayers Try - 26 eps(1997)
    Slayers Revolution - 13 eps (2008)
    Slayers Evolution-R 13 eps (2009)

    Slayers the Motion Picture - 65 min (1995) Original storyline
    Slayers Return - 60 min (1996)
    Slayers Great - 60 min (1997)
    Slayers Gorgeous - 60 min (1998)
    Slayers Premium - 35 min (2001)

    Slayers Special - 90 min total (1996) Based on Slayers Special manga.
    Slayers Excellent - 90 min total (1999) Based on Slayers Special manga.

    Novels (the basis for the series- later converted into anime & manga)

    There’s quite a few different “series”… I don’t know where to stat that list, but on manga fox there’s a few to read:
    Slayers Revolution
    Slayers: Light Magic
    Slayers: Suiriyuuou no Kishi (Knight of the AquaLord)

    I’m a college grad!

    Sunday, December 14th, 2008

    As of 12/13/2008, I’m a college graduate! I’ve finally finished my Bachelors of Science in Computer Information Systems. Although it took me a year longer than normal, I’m both happy & scared. (I switched schools & majors, it put me behind a semester or two :P) I’m the only one with a bachelors degree on my Dad’s side & the 3rd of my 15+ cousins on my Mom’s side. I’m taking the next few weeks to chil & get my ducks in a row before I start working for good.


    The ceremony was like the one at my community college. We weren’t in any particular order, when we got up to the stage, we handed our card to the speaker & they read our name. Some lady gave us our diploma case & shook our hands. Because of this, I was first one called for my major. One of only 2 girls in the whole department that was graduating. I’m almost always last if they call us alphabetically.  I was stuck sitting next to one of my professors (he talks/acts/looks alot like the Doc from back to the future, hehe) I really wanted to play sudoku on my cell, but I couldn’t given my company :P

    It just weird, I don’t feel like it’s a big deal. When I was a little kid my parents always said “You’ll go to college, you’ll do great, you’ll be successful.” So I’m just doing what I’ve always been told to do, just another step in life. Neither high school or college felt like a huge achievement- but just another thing to check off on my to do list. But it not that I’m not proud of myself, I am. My family & fiends are too.   /shrug

    But yay! Go me!

    Lunch at Sumo!

    Thursday, December 11th, 2008

    A few weeks ago, my class & I went to the Japanese restaurant called Sumo.
    Most of us got べんとのとんかつ.
    Tonkatsu is a running gag with our class. In one of the dialogues from our textbook, they’re ordering food, and the girl asks what tonkatsu is. (It’s basically a think sliced pork chop with a breading much like shake & bake. It’s served with katsu sauce. My description does it no justice.)
    とんかつ おいしい ですや。

    I took this with my cell… so it’s kinda crappy.

    I love tonkatsu! I LOVE gyoza. Gyoza are fried pork dumplings, and are sooo good. My favorite Chinese restaurant at home makes them, and so does Ruby Tuesdays, but these are SO GOOD!

    せんせい was explaining all kinds of things to us about eating in japan. Normally, they wouldn’t give you a spoon, so you just sip from the bowl. Also, it’s ok to slurp. When eating soup or noodles, it’s almost expected.

    If you go to a restaurant and they give you disposable chopsticks, many people take the wrapper & tie it in a knot to make a chopstick rest to you don’t set them on the table. (I put mine on the bento in the pic so they could bee seen.)

    Before you eat (especially in someone’s home to which you are a guest) you say いたでます (itadekimasu- Thank you for this meal.) After the same meal you say ごちそうさま (Gochisoosama- Thank you for this meal.)

    When ordering you’d say おべんとのとんかつおねがいします (Bento no tonkatsu onegaishimasu - I’d like a tonkatsu bento box please.)

    My bf & I have been back to sumo several times since & we’ve tried a few other things. Tempura is good also; it’s a different breading than the tonkatsu, and comes with a different dipping sauce. The breading tastes alot like fried dough, it’s very sweet. I liked it, but it’s too much sweet for a whole meal. Worth a try if a friend orders it & you can snag a bite :)



    New Blog Name & Misc.

    Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

    “Arcsis’s Blog” Just isn’t cutting it for me anymore. Poor thing needs a new name.

    I did learn today that ブログ (burogu) is blog. Good to know!

    So yesterday was my last exam of my college career (My Final final if you will. “The Final Countdown” plays in my head as I think this to myself.) It was my Japanese final, which have good feelings about!

    The Final Countdown - Europe

    かたかな (Katakana) 7

    Monday, December 8th, 2008

    Now we’re just about done with katakana! Onto the contracted sounds! (Again, these are just like the contracted sounds in hiragana. That’s gotta be getting old. :P)

    かたかな (Katakana) 6

    Monday, December 8th, 2008

    I’m just going to pound out these next 2 posts, I have finals to study for!

    Just like with hiragana, there are more sounds with the tenten & maru, and they sound just the same.

    ごめんなさい anout the wait :)