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ひらがな (Hiragana) 3

So far we’ve covered 20 of the 46 basic Hiragana.

あいうえお   a i u e o
かきくけこ   ka ki ku ke ko
さしすせそ   sa shi* su se so
たちつてと   ta chi* tsu* te to

** Keep in mind these are irregular, they differ from the regular “aiueo” pattern.

If you don’t have a chart handy, how do you know what order they go?
Well, in Japanese elementary school, they teach the little 1st graders (about 6-7 years old) this little phrase:

A ka sa ta na,    Ha ma ya ra wa
…which is the 1st column of the chart if you look at the whole thing.

Ready for hiragana part 3?
Now we’re up to the Na & Ha Lines:

NA line
[Pronounced NA NEE NU NEH NO]

な  に  ぬ  ね  の
na ni nu ne no

HA line
[Pronounced HA HEE FU HEH HO]

は  ひ  ふ  へ  ほ
ha hi fu* he ho   <— ( [fu] is irregular,
but also it’s not a strong fff sound. Try to say foo but without touching your teeth to you lip to make the “F” sound. It really is a sort of hoo/foo sound. To master this you need to listen to some native speaker pronounce it, or watch subtitled anime.  I keep telling myself it’s like a wussy “F” sound lol)

Words using Na & Ha kana:
ねこ — [neko] Cat
ひめ — [hime] Princess
ふね — [fune] Tub

As always, practice!

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