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ひらがな (Hiragana) 2

In the last ひらがな post I covered the 1st 2 lines,

a    i  u  e  o

か き く  け こ
ka ki ku ke ko

If you did any research on your own (like I did) you’ll notice that sometimes the characters look different.

That’s due to 2 things:
1) Over time the “official” way to write has changed over the years. Sometimes they’re changed to be easier to write, etc.
2) Different fonts are used. Just like in English (and pretty much any language), there are a bunch of fonts that change the look of the letters.
Some main variations look like this:

This shouldn’t be too much of an issue, just something to keep an eye out for!

On to the new stuff!

This post will cover the next 2 lines:
Sa & Ta

Sa Line
[Pronounced SA SHE SUE SEH SO]

さ    し   す    せ そ
sa  shi* su  se so    <— ( [shi] is irregular)

Ta Line
[Pronounced TA CHI TSU TEH TOE]

た    ち    つ   て  と
ta chi* tsu* te  to    <— (ち&つ [chi & tsu] are irregular)

Words using these kana:
すし — [sushi] Sushi
とけい — [tokei] Watch

Make sure to practice! My favorite place to do so is:

Can’t see the Japanese text? Click here.
Want a little bit more background on Japanese? Click here.

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