Firstly, to anyone reading my blog, what are your opinions of it?

Secondly, is anyone actually reading my blog? :o

I need to know this information to decide whether to keep blogging on Sanrio Town or discontinue altogether.

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Today where it is June 11th is Jesse Lewis’ 22nd birthday!

On this day, Jesse Lewis was born in 1996 in Tokyo, Japan. His birth name is Lewis Masaya Jesse. He is one (distinguished as the red member) of six members of SixTONES, a music group that made its debut in 2015. Lewis’ father is an American English teacher from Las Vegas, Nevada and his mother is from Japan. Lewis is at least bilingual as he speaks Japanese and then reportedly English with his family.

Jesses Lewis and I appear to share some traits and interests. For instance, we are both driven individuals who tend to put forth much effort. We also seem to dislike dark areas (for me, it’s pitch-black rooms and corridors on dark nights), but enjoy reading the “Prince of Tennis” manga, a series I have referred to in a May 2018 post about Koji Seto’s 30th birthday.

That’s all for now! I hope you have enjoyed my blog so far. I welcome and recommend any comments. Take care! :)




Recently was Sota Fukushi’s 25th Birthday!

It looks like we’ve had some 25th birthdays pretty recently, so let’s see if there will be more in the Japanese idol world as the year goes on. So far in the month of May, there have been Ryosuke Yamada (May 9th), Ryunosuke Kamiki (May 19th), and now Sota Fukushi as May comes to a close! :) Goodbye May and happy June, everyone!

For a brief biography, Sota Fukushi is a prominent Japanese actor whose upcoming live-action film has him portray the main character Ichigo Kurosaki. He is also quite tall at 182.88 cm (6 feet)! I’ve noticed that the Japanese male idols who have turned 25 this May have an ascending height order as the month has gone by (with Ryosuke Yamada at 5′5 and Ryunosuke Kamiki at 5′6).

Take care and enjoy the summer, everyone! :)



Today is actor Ryunosuke Kamiki’s 25th birthday! :)

Ryunosuke Kamiki

He is not to be confused with actor Ryosuke Yamada, who also turned 25 May 9th. In any case, both are distinguished artists as they have appeared in various films and television series through the years. In fact, they starred together in the 2007 live-action drama of Detective School Q.

I wish them both the best as they advance wherever life takes them!


Ryosuke Yamada (right) and Ryunosuke Kamiki (left)

Hello, everyone!

Although this post was ready for publishing at the time, yesterday was the 30th birthday of Koji Seto, a Japanese actor who was one of the Eiji Kikumaru portrayals in “The Prince of Tennis” (also known as “Tenimyu”) stage musical. Please give him a round of applause! Happy birthday, Koji Seto! :)


Hello! My name is Aprilmonkey, and I’m a new member to Hello Kitty Online. My favorite Sanrio characters at the moment tend to be Cinnamoroll and My Melody, though I also like Tuxedo Sam and Pompompurin! I hope to connect with some of the community here as I learn to navigate this site! :)

Take care and see you around,


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