Sanriotown “Hello” Apples Photo Competition
Anything about the photo competition…


Q1: What are the admission requirements for the competition?

A1: All participants are required to provide a Hong Kong mail address. P.O. Box addresses are not accepted by the organizer of the event.

Q2: How many slides can I create in order to participate in the competition? Can I submit a single slide to more than one category of entries?

A2: The quantity of slides is not restricted. A single slide created can be submitted to more that one category of entries. But we suggest that with certain ideas each slide presents it should be submitted to the most relevant category of entries.

Q3: How many graphic items can I add to the slide?

A3: There are no restrictions for the number of graphic items added to the slide.

Q4: Is there any restriction on the images and text content used in creating slides? What are the judging criteria?

A4: No offensive materials, violent or explicit/sexual content should be used. The judging criteria are as follows:

-Creativity - Theme interpretation and creativity in using the Sanriotown Gallery features.

-Mileage - Comment activity and ratings from other members generated during the competition period.

-Overall Appeal - Message delivery value and overall impact of the photo to the viewers.

Q5: Do I need to be concerned about copyright issues?

A5: All images and text content used in creating slides should be original and should not have been published or entered in any other photo contest. The organizer of the event is authorized to disqualify any entries that violate copyright without prior notice to the participants.

Q6: How do I attract more traffic and get people to add their comments during the period of competition?

A6: Participants can make use of the ?send image? function provided by to send their slides to other people through emails, so as to attract more traffic and have a higher number of comments and ratings. Participants can also post comments on Sanriotown blogs and forums, at the same time pasting links to their works to gain exposure.

Q7: As a participant can I rate the slides created by other participants?

A7: Yes. Anybody who has signed up as a Sanriotown member can post comment