Sanriotown “Hello” Apples Photo Competition
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Sanriotown “Hello” Apples Photo Competition

Period of competition: From Oct 15 to Nov 30



The weight of the popular Sanrio cartoon character, Hello Kitty, is equal to the weight of three apples. Incidentally, and Apple@Next Media Interactive Limited jointly organized a photo competition, which aims on conveying the three positive messages symbolized by the three apples: youthfulness, wisdom/creativity, compassion/caring; the same messages Hello Kitty portrays.


How to join:

  1. Sign up for a Sanriotown account and then login.
  2. Create your photo in Sanriotown gallery.
    • -Click in “Join Competition” to enter the “Gallery” section;
    • -Upload your photo;
    • -Create text in different font styles; decorate your photo with drag-and-drop icons, borders, etc.
  3. Save the image.
  4. Submit to the category you wish to join.


Judging Criteria:

- Creativity: Theme interpretation and creativity in using the Sanriotown Gallery features.

- Mileage: Comment activity and ratings from other members generated during the competition period.

- Overall appeal: Message delivery value and overall impact of the video to the viewers.



The winner of the “Youthfulness” will receive a pair of Hello Kitty bowling and a $400 Photofinishing Cash Coupon from Photomax.

The winner of the “Wisdom & Creativity” will receive a Hello Kitty bicycle and a $400 Photofinishing Cash Coupon from Photomax.

The winner of the “Compassion & Caring” will receive a Hello Kitty watch and a $400 Photofinishing Cash Coupon