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A tiny founder christmas preview

Hohoho, HKO Christmas reunion (countdown) is creeping closer! And so is my thesis deadline ๏̯͡๏﴿. Sadly the latter has a higher priority, so I’ll be limited to short visits (if any at all)  instead of hour-long sessions. Sigh.

The overwhelming workload still didn’t keep me from snooping around in the newly added files, of course. Here’s a little preview of the stuff we’ll get tomorrow!


New york! Slightly more candy-colored than I remember.

Two random (of 7?) rooms!

A stadion! Let’s hope o-Chan isn’t there! HA HA HA.. HA asdfdsfadfs burry balls D:<

insert witty caption 

Of course, there’s also new stuff to wear.

Suits! Shoes! Hats!

Beards. Badass! Those better be equippable by female characters too!

 Lastly, I found this:

Well.. uh.

7 Responses to “A tiny founder christmas preview”

  1. Says:

    Whoa! New York is Badtz country? Hurray!

  2. Says:

    HI AT. Sneaky, aren’t we? :P Adorable stuff we can expect, hooray!


  3. Says:

    wow how did u get these? awsome

  4. Sugar chan Says:

    hey you! i linked to your blog!

  5. Says:

    I was online a few times, but I couldn’t play very long this time. The quests were BIG, a so-called “Very Burry Christmas” :D

  6. Says:

    AT D8 I blog linked you ;)

  7. Says:

    Yay! I should do some linkage too.. so bloglazy =/

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