What: Nordstrom cardigan, HM halter top, Forever 21 skirt
Where: I accidentally slept in through my first class -__- so… library and later to go see Sucker Punch (interesting movie btw, not as bad as I expected).
What: J. Crew dress and pearls
Where: First day of classes

I also colored my hair… (you can only really tell in the sunlight). Used this color (L’oreal Feria in 32):
This is normally the lightest shade I go when I do at-home hair color. Anything lighter (and requiring bleach) turns out orange-y (when starting with dark hair), so it’s best to go to a professional when you’re going lighter.

Saw this and thought, maybe that’s why. But there are some things that we’ll never know.

“There are some people who will remain in your heart. It’s okay. Let them live there. Just don’t let it stop you from living.”

Just bought these super awesome shirts.


study sweats !!
What: Cal crop top from Bear Basics, J Crew neon pink tank top, oversized men’s sweatpants from Target, Nike Dunks
Where: Macro final and library… I keep trying to make sweatpants cool…
What: Rose print cardigan and belt from Forever 21, grey dress from American Apparel, Miu Miu nylons, Lanvin ballet flats, Hello Kitty white sapphire necklace
Where: Last final of the quarter! And out celebrating afterwards :)

What: one of my favorite dresses - silk leopard print dress by Kate Moss for Topshop, BP cardigan from Nordstrom, white sapphire Hello Kitty key necklace from my sister :)
Where: my game theory final! I held onto the necklace for good luck and to remind myself of all the support and love my family and friends have for me :)
img_7067.JPG img_7069.JPG
What: hat from Urban Outfitters, white denim jacket from HM, black strapless leotard, denim shorts, and leopard print flats from Forever 21
Where: last day of school! (for the quarter)
What: HM cardigan, pastel leopard print tank top from Urban Outfitters, pale pink jeggings from Wet Seal (bought em for $2 and have discovered that they are surprisingly comfy), Zoya nailpolish in Kelly, Hello Kitty x Sephora nail decals
Where: School! Library! Basically, the only two places I ever go…and Burger King ;)

Everything changes for a man once he cuts his braids off…

So I would have things to blog about…

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