Completely feeling this song… love the version with just Drake.

Anywho, I put off making my resolutions til a few things became clear to me… Now I feel like I know where I need to put in work & where I just need to let go and move on…

1. Make school my #1 priority

-Finish class reading before lecture
-Review class notes and slides before lecture
-Leave my room to study everyday - on campus or in my study lounge - and stay away from distractions (aka my laptop!)
-Don’t be late to class; leave my apartment by 8:30am
-Limit recreational time spent on the internet to one-hour daily maximum
-No more than one TV show per day
-Start studying for exams and making study guides earlier
-Work on comp exam questions every weekend
-Start looking at old exams at least a week before midterms and finals, so I can try them more than once and time myself
-Ask people for help when I don’t understand something; don’t be embarrassed
-And most importantly, don’t get discouraged or lose confidence!

2. Improve my physical health

-Work out a minimum of 2x a week (even when I’m busy with exams); average 3-4x in a normal week
-Pack my lunch as often as I can
-Cook dinner more often
-Control my portion sizes and try to eat more balanced meals
-Start getting ready for bed at 11pm; sleep at midnight (1am at the latest)

3. Improve my mental health

-Smile more
-Be nice and positive towards everyone (including my parents)
-Show compassion - not pre-judgment - to everyone I meet
-Think about one thing that I am thankful for before I go to sleep every night
-Try to be more positive and have more confidence in myself
-Whenever I start to miss something that’s changed, just be happy it happened and remind myself of something good that’s still in my life
-Don’t indulge myself by dwelling on the past

4. Improve my finances

-Control my credit card debt by the end of the year
-Stop spending excessive money on clothes, shoes, makeup, etc.
-Stop spending excessive money on alcohol and partying
-Stop impulse buying, online shopping, and shopping when I’m sad or upset
-Be more mindful of my budget when I go out

Just a note: the only new year’s resolution I made for 2010 I sort of kept… I had resolved to stay out of love, past and present. I kept the present part of the resolution, though the aspect of past love was a bit more questionable. But it’s sort of impossible to completely let go of a past love; that person will always have a place in your heart. So as far as how much I could have done to let that person go, I think I did a decent - not perfect - but decent job in 2010. With a little more closure in 2011, I need to continue to focus on myself, so that I can be a truly happy person when I fall in love again. Anyway, this became much more personal than I intended, so I’ll stop here. Happy new year :)

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