SAILOR MOON / Usagi Tsukino / Serena. I was obsessed with this TV show during my childhood… I own the entire American dubbed series… I dressed up as Sailor Moon for Halloween last year and this summer at Comic-Con. She is one of the most annoying Sailor Scouts, so I am inclined to put Sailor Mars or Sailor Venus as my favorite, as they were my favorites growing up… but Sailor Moon is the star of the TV series and there would be no Sailor Moon without her. So… Sailor Moon it is. As for why my obsession with Sailor Moon… I couldn’t really tell you, other than the fact that they were pretty Japanese school girls who were very preoccupied with their love lives, and the storyline was sick. Darien / Tuxedo Mask / Mamoru Chiba was also suuuuuper hot for a cartoon and I would totally date him.



As an aside, my favorite Sailor Scout is still Sailor Mars / Rei … by far the prettiest, plus I think she is the most similar to me personality-wise :)


Sydney Opera House, Australia (Spring Break 2005)

Online shopping addiction.


Call me crazy - I slept on a cardboard box on the streets of Beverly Hills. why? Alber Elbaz’s Lanvin for HM collection! The capsule collection was released Saturday morning, Nov. 20… People in SF and New York began lining up at 11am on FRIDAY Nov. 19. With the SF collection pretty much sold out by 5pm Friday, it was up to me to get all the merchandise for my sister AND myself. We had been looking forward to this collection ever since the announcement of the collaboration…so needless to say, it was a pretty big deal.

I lined up outside of Beverly Center at about 10pm, Friday. It was cold and rainy, but not half as bad as SF. My roommate dropped me off, so I didn’t have a car to leave any of my stuff - I just packed my backpack with a blanket and some homework notes to try to get some studying done while I camped out. I made friends with some of the other fabulous fashionista-hobos in line with me. Notable quote from my friend Kiki (who was first in line): “My husband is coming soon - I would NEVER marry a guy who would let me come here alone!” Haha! Words of wisdom. And what a good husband!

The time actually passed by relatively quickly (at least compared to the hell that was Jimmy Choo). Kiki was kind enough to give me a cardboard box to sleep on, so we stretched out our limbs and got comfortable. At 5am, security came out to escort us onto the premises. We lined up outside of the HM store and a little after 6am, we received our wristbands. I was 3rd in line, just after Kiki and her husband (so technically, i was the second shopper… Kiki’s husband was solely shopping on her behalf). It felt SO good to be one of the first people in line - I really was able to get pretty much everything I wanted.

Once we got inside the designated shopping area, chaos ensued - the space was too small for the number of people trying to shop, it was difficult to read sizing tags, and the shopping bags were too small so we had to carry around all of our pickings - not an easy task. After I got out with my haul, I was able to request a different size in the “swap area” - through this, I was able to get the correct sizes for the yellow dresses. People began stalking me in the store, hovering around to try to get my discards…it was stressful and kind of weird.

In the end, I encountered a good amount of crazy competitive and catty people (think the sample sale scene from Confessions of a Shopaholic). But surprisingly, I had a lot of fun too - I met some cool people (Kiki and I are making plans to camp out for the next collaboration - cross your fingers for Alexander Wang!!!) AND I got everything I wanted :)

For myself:
-Pink one shoulder pouff dress
-Yellow one shoulder ruffle dress
-Leopard print heels

For my sister:
-Plum one shoulder pouff dress
-Yellow one shoulder ruffle dress
-Black zebra print trench coat

Plus free swag:
-Canvas tote
-Wool scarf



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