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Lovely, oh so lovely: iPhone

As though it contained a diamond figurine, the sleek iPhone comes in a jet-black rectangular box with the familiar Apple logo and “iPhone” text embedded in a light-reflective shiny silver color. Maybe ~3 inches tall, ~3 inches wide and ~5 inches tall, I half-expected to see a gigantic pair of gem-encrusted cuff links or something similar. At the same time, I was no where near disappointment, discovering that there lied an iPhone instead.

4.8 ounces for an 8 gigabyte phone? Not too bad! The dimensions of the phone fit nicely in my hand, but anyone with smaller than average sized hands will have a bit of trouble. Apparently, the phone scratch-resistant, but I wouldn’t risk walking on the street with this slippery phone in my hand. After all, it’s scratch-resistant, not immune…

Camera capabilities, mp3 player, accompanied by a dozen other functions… it all manages to fit nicely on the 3.5 inch diagonal screen. The iPhone takes advantage of the touch screen with all the sliding necessary to move the buttons side to side and the screen up and down. Most phones have their keypad unlocked with pressing a combination of buttons; the iPhone has a button to slide across the screen. I tried touching the screen through the the barrier of my shirt, and did not react. So rest your thoughts, the phone won’t drain battery while in your pocket.

The interface is very simple to figure out. After playing around with the buttons and icons for a little bit, the user-friendly rating of the phone is so far so good. The iPhone is a very ‘cool’ gadget to carry around. I still have yet to figure out a way to quickly remove the finger smudges on the touch-face, as my shirt did not yield any success.

Can’t wait until they come in different colors :).

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