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Studying is ’student’ and ‘dying’ put together

So who else has been sitting up late, textbook in hand, notes on the floor, and calculator on lap recently? I’m enjoying my summer holidays as I write this, remembering the many (too many) nights attempting to study on my bed. That, as most students know best, is the biggest mistake that can be made the night before a big exam.

Some things just don’t work. This is a list that all students staying up late should consult!

I’m telling you, all these methods have been used before by people at my own school.
Will NOT help your performance:
- sticking notes on face and sleeping
- using textbook as pillow
- throwing textbook pages into the bathtub like rose petals
- studying on bed
- studying on floor
- studying in the shower

It’s going to be pointless for me to tell you to study a day or two earlier prior to that big exam you have. We all have our reasons for studying last minute. My personal favorite is that I won’t be able to remember a thing that I study for any more than 24 hours, so studying any earlier would be silly. So instead, here’s a list of things that will help you.

- consider how closely related your exam and the amount of sleep you’re getting is (for example, a history test would require more study over sleep; while an English test would require a clear mind to write freely)
- avoid your bed. pile your papers, pens, textbooks, and bags onto your bed sheet
- determine what is essential to study, and what will score you the big points
- make room on your desk!

Summer should be creeping up on most people now so…time to relax! Hope everyone else had fun with their exams, because I sure didn’t :D. (That’s how I came up with half of the stuff on what NOT to do :P)

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4 Responses to “Studying is ’student’ and ‘dying’ put together”

  1. shadowcat Says:

    Have you heard the one where you study while having your feet in a pail of water?:P I actually know someone who did that! lol

  2. Says:

    its true, studying in bed, does not help at all

  3. Says:

    study in the shower?! are book water proof nowadays?

  4. Posito Says:

    now why would you do THAT?

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