Well, I checked out the Event Blog and decided to make this for my guild.

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So there’s this Patch Update for the Founders’ Christmas Reunion.

I was able to update mind today and finally, it’s finished! It actually took shorter than I thought it was. It was an hour or less to finish.

Can’t wait for the 17th! See you all in the Founders’ Reunion!


Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t been posting for a while. Nothing seemed to be happening lately. But now I’m finally posting once again!

Anyway, today (12/12/08), was the start of my Quarterly Examinations! Yipes! I was so nervous that it might still be ongoing once the Founders’ Reunion was on! But luckily, it’s going to end on the day it’s gonna start! (12/17/08)

Let me tell you the exam schedule first:

Friday, 12/12/08: Language and CLE

Monday, 12/15/08: Science and Reading

Tuesday, 12/16/08: AP (Social Studies) and Filipino

Wednesday, 12/17/08: Math

That’s the schedule. Now for what I think about the Language and CLE exams… Language wasn’t that hard; it was medium. While CLE was hard! I’m not so sure about my scores there. But hopefully, I’d have a nice grade! ;) Wish me luck!

So, if I don’t reply or post, I’d probably be taking the exams or studying!

See yeah guys!

Today was the PTC or Parent-Teacher Conference. Today was also the card-giving day… :-S Here are my grades for the 2nd Quarter:

95-100 O* - Outstanding Performance

90-94 O - Outstanding Performance

85-89 VS - Very Satisfactory

80-84 S - Satisfactory

75-79 FS - Fairly Satisfactory

74 and below NSH - Needs Special Help

Christian Living Education, Physical Education, Home Economics and Livelihood Education, Computer Education - O*

Filipino (My language), Araling Panlipunan (Social Studies), Math and Science - O

Reading, Language, Spelling and Writing, Art, Music - VS

The rest is the Personality Development Mark and the Club Mark.

What a great day! And the best part is, my dad will give me a prize! :] I actually asked him how much money I have so I could buy myself one, but he said I shouldn’t touch my money first. He said it’s a prize. So it’s coming from him! Tomorrow will be even better.. just wait and see!

We’ve been working Maneechan’s house for a few hours but we finally build it! I wanted to see the inside so I charged in. What do you know, I got stuck xD. I unstucked myself by going in and out. Yay! Atleast I was the first to get in.. ^^,

Outside Look

Inside Look

Her house looks so cute! Especially the outside look! ^^,

Sigh.. I wish I had my own house sooner or later. Well, I guess I have to wait til the next version.

My Hello Kitty Online Story

I’m sure you guys are wondering how I found out about this game. So it started out when I saw HKO in a GAME! Magazine of my brother.  I was already an avid fan of Hello Kitty. My eyes started twinkling in eagerness to play it. I read the article over and over. I quickly opened the site and found out they were holding a beta. Too bad I missed it. The huge grin on my face turned into a frown. Days passed by. The beta should’ve ended. But they kept on extending it. I wanted to cry. I kept on waiting for updates to play the game. I’ve been waiting for months to play the game and it still is extending the beta. Months kept on passing by and finally, there it was. The Founders’ Beta! I applied for it and waited for an e-mail.

It was a night. I logged on to SanrioTown to check my mail. One of the mails had a subject as “You are now a Founder!” I jumped off my seat and started screaming and spinning.  I couldn’t wait til the 8th!

Finally! It was time to play. I came through alot of challenges but there was one thing that kept me going, Sailoria. The Sailor Scouts as they were before. Thanks to my dear friend, Naomi. Sailoria invited me to her guild! I was blessed to have a friend like Naomi. Day by day, I lost interest in HKO because I couldn’t seem to improve. But one day, I logged on to HKO and asked help from my guild. They were really able to help me. That’s when my interest in HKO was regained. I was overjoyed when I reached London and Paris! I never knew I came that far. As weeks passed by our guild started participating in events. We won some and improved our teamwork. All of the Sailorians were very dear to me. Like my big sister, Maneechan!

Maneechan really helped me throughout the game. She was like my big sister. I helped her, she helped me. She made me smile when I was down. HKO always gets better and better thanks to Sailoria. They gave me strength to believe that no matter how old or young you are, you can reach for your dream. And my dream is to live like a little kid I’d always be, to help other people in their needs.

One of my favorite events is the Food for Friends event. It taught me a lesson. Winning isn’t everything. I wanted to help other people — charities. I felt really overjoyed when I found out how much food we donated. It felt like giving your whole entire time for them. And that’s what the Event was about. Giving your time for those who need help in life. Hello Kitty Online gave me faith to believe in every bit I can do. I may only be 10 years old, but Im not too young to give my time to those who need it.

Hello Kitty Online taught me a valuable lesson and I’m sure HKO taught you something too. Here’s a song I made just for Sailoria and what I learned in the game.

You can reach the other side of the island

Sailing through the sea

You can be anyone you want to be

Believe in yourself, and you will see

That no matter where you are, who you are, you will reach the other side of the world

Just stand for what you believe in

Remember there’s always someone to pick you up

So just turn around and see all those faces

and soon you’ll be at the other side of the island.

I love Sailoria and the Sailorians and ofcourse, Hello Kitty Online

Dedicated to HKO Staff, HKO (the game itself) and my fellow Sailorians..

Baby I Love You

I cherished a ton of values in Hello Kitty Online. I don’t know what or who’ll I be when this game wasn’t created. What would happen when Abigail Reyes and the others didn’t think of this game? What will I end up being? Who will I be? Thanks a lot Hello Kitty Online staff and everyone in HKO <3

Hey guys! I’m sure you heard of the Sailor Scouts Guild right? Well, Sailoria IS the Sailor Scouts Guild! Suddenly, our leader — Sailoria was calling us to go to Buckingham Palace for a Guild Picture. We sat down and Sailoria took a picture of us wearing our Guild Tops, well, some aren’t :D And one of those people, is me. Even if I have the Guild Top, my level is just too low to wear it :( Well, soon, I’ll be able to wear it! >:) I’m gonna fit in my guild! NO! My plant just died! 0_o Poor plant. :(

Anyway, take a look at the guild pic!

Go Sailoria! ;) I’m the one saying GO SAILORIA! I’m beside Petch, too.

Sailoria Guild Picture <— If you want to see it better! xD

There’s this new event — Hello Kitty Birthday Event. It’s an event celebrating Hello Kitty’s 34th birthday. I was actually able to finish without any difficulty. So far it’s the ONLY event I actually finished :D I was able to get the shirt, though, I haven’t tried it on. I haven’t reached Level 15 yet, but hey, I’m almost there ;)

I can’t wait to try it on. Oh, and, Happy Birthday, Hello Kitty! <3

Finally! After a while trying to get to London, I’m here! Partei! I started on one quest for Mary — to farm 15 strawberries. I finished it already and now, I’m heading back to Florapolis to finish the quests so I could stay in London for as long as I want and do other quests. Well, as you know, there was one event — Hunger Strike, which I can’t do. And the latest one, Monster Wrangler, which I also can’t finish. That means.. I won’t be able to get a pet dino! :(( Sigh.. well, I’ll TRY to finish my quests and level up to get a dino.

If you’re kind enough, mind helping me with my quests and the events? Haha. Thanks though for the help of my guild, Sailoria.

This is my farm. Boring, right?

My Farm

I just came home from the first day of our exams, I’m pretty sure I got good grades! ^-^ Well, there are still more to come, and I’m reviewing as hard as I could.

Anyway, I played it today, and I’m getting the hang of it! ;) My character’s name is Ann! I’m lucky no one got that yet, or else my name would’ve been.. Er, I really have no idea what? :P

I need help a bit and I need friends, too. So, if you want to be my friend, PM me and we’ll meet in-game :)

I hope you guys enjoy playing, too! ^-^

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