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December 29th, 2010 by

I can’t believe it !! =[ I left with this week only and my school reopen. Tell me that this is not true. Tell me that this is just a dream. Pretty please! :S How i hope that i got a time machine that can turn back the time.  Homework is undone, next year got a big exam. Im gonna be seriously dead next year. Nobody to blame, blame myself for not doing homework>.< Laziness beat me.

I shall really go reflect what i had really done in this 2 months. Playing, slping, eating, pee-ing, shit-ing, shopping, drinking, homework-ing abit, going back to school and so on. Aww, headache.  Worrying feeling is how i feel now~

Tomorrow have dance, oh my goshhhh. Hope instructor won’t scold me, i guess. ;D


December 25th, 2010 by

First of all, i would like to say MERRY CHRISTMAS to everybody in the whole wide world, hope your have fun collecting presents.  I didn’t receive Christmas presents tho :[

Its Christmas and im staying at home. Should be going out and have some fun but just don’t feel like going out.

Instead of that, i want to do quests and talk with my friends, as well as joining in the events^^ I think im going to finish the quests soon. I always won’t win in the Loony Loopy Letters Game. I suck at that>< Some of the games like Copy Cat, Mind Twister and Loony Loopy Letters game , people typed so fast.  I always think slowly, sounds like a slowpoke. Event is all for fun, so i don’t mind if i won anot. It is important that everybody enjoy playing.
Nowadays i kept having typo alot, so, sorry about it ><

Now, I shall show you some AWESOME pictures that i screenshot it from HKO during i do quest (=


December 24th, 2010 by

Hey! It had been a long long long days that i haven’t posted. Im sorry~ What am i busy with? I don’t know how to answer that XD Few weeks ago, i was stucked in sunbright express, i can’t move at all. So be careful in sunbright express.

  <Stuck at the 2nd plant there>


December 5th, 2010 by

How to Split Items

Hold Shift then LEFT CLICK on the item stack you want to split. If you right click you’ll either drop it in your storage or drop it period.

When you Shift+Left Click you’ll get this message box:


Insert how much you want to split it by, and then you’ll get two stacks. Click on this website to know more about it


December 5th, 2010 by

I joined a guild today! HKO sweet lover. ^^ Sorry hollywood if i rejected when u invite me the first time, cos im eating. Then pressed wrongly.

The guild people is nice (: Glad to have a guild ^^Hahaas. Continue with the toys for tots event of items with Colico and Grace. Woots,  Grace is from HongKong! Its so super cool, envy. Becos there’s nothing fun to play in Singapore now. Haiiz :[

Dedication to Colico :
Im glad that i met you in hko. You’re friendly and helpful.  Thanks for helping me in hko and grouping up with me. Although im almost always say im brb or eating, guess u waited for me quite long>< Im very happy that you’re not sad or angry with me when you read the last 3rd post that i said about you ^^ Seriously, i felt so relief . In the first place, was quite guilty about it. But now i think im alright ^^ Thanks for being my friend, talking to me and accompanying me.  You know what? I had fun joking with you, such as the rawr, bark , all those things.  Hope we can last friends forever :D I won’t forget the days im with you when im playing hko. I don’t know if i will forget it anot, since there is alot of things in my mind.  Anyway, thanks for everything. No matter who you are, you are still my friends. Don’t forget that im here with you when you’re sad or angry. I will try my best to cheer you up. But i think you’re happy everyday. ^^

<Both is Colico’s character. Left is US/Canada server while right is International server>

Donation is good

December 3rd, 2010 by

Played US/Canada server just now. My ign is Nuthing. Cos im nothing to anyone and why did i use nuthing instead of nothing? Well, is becos im nuts or i love nuts.  Me and Colico played at this server as we want to do the event. And i also want to do some donation to brighten up a child’s Christmas this year.
Was teasing with the rhino when im playing XD He is so kawaii <3 
Im hiding, did you found me? :P
I bet you did, since there is my name there.
Okies, lets stop playing around and get serious now.

Colico told me there was a donation here, i was shocked ! I didn’t know that there is a donation, im so lag behind. Donated some of the items there. I don’t know why there is a donation, but donation is means for helping people so whatever donation it is, i will do my part and help it.
Here is a list of items that you can donate if you’re in Dream Carnival:

See, there is quite alot of people donated in the past few days.
Thanks Colico for telling me! Love ya<3

We’re twins in hko, weeeee ! ~~

The donation event is for US/Canada server only. If you want to do your part and you’re in international server, create an account in that server. There won’t be any changes if you want to play back at international server, no worries. ^^
Click the image for more information of the event (:

Just a dream

December 3rd, 2010 by

Just a dream’s song is nice ! :] Christina Grimmie’s voice was great and awesome.

Sanrio points~

December 3rd, 2010 by

Yesterday had a chat with Colico(one of my hko’s friends) in facebook. I didn’t online hko the whole day yesterday, well partly is becos my quest need a lvl 4 farm and also i went out. This few days, im trying my best to earn sanrio points to buy the farm.

Actually i got 2 sanrio accounts but i forgotten the password and which email i used. 2 days ago , was finding and searching the password in all my email, and i found out that i used the main email. Haiiz. Should really go knock my head before creating this account, cos i didn’t know that my previous account got alot sanrio points. Enough points to buy the farm.

But i decided to use this current account to earn the points instead of using the previous account and create a new hko character, then buy and send gift to this account. =X Somehow confusing, right ? Sorry about that, hahaha. Told that to Colico but she didn’t seems to believe me or she don’t understand what im saying ? She said great story, blahblah. I only remember she said great story, somehow break my heart. It isn’t a story , its a fact. Yeah yeah , who will believe it. Sounds so story-ing. Im not blaming Colico, we’re friends. Just saying how i feel about it.
Guess i will start playing hko in us/canada server with colico now. Bye people (:

Rapunzel !

December 3rd, 2010 by

Here i continue about yesterday…

Went out with Lixia, Chengfang and Chengfeng yesterday to catch a movie at nex , a newly opened shopping mall. Inside is colddddd ~ luckily it isn’t cold inside the cinema, but my friends say its cold , hahahas.

This show is GREAT ! I rate 4.2 /5 tho >< Watch it ! I love it to the max, i don’t mind watching it again since it is so nice.  For more info about them, you can go to this website.
Rapunzel trailer:


December 2nd, 2010 by

Guess who is here ?! Nobody knows ?
Yeah , right. *laughs*
I shall introduce myself , ahem …

*Lights on , camera rolling .. *
Okay, i’m not some celebrity, famous dancer, artist , princess or rich lady. I’m just an ordinary 15 years old teenage girl. (: I’m living somewhere in Singapore. Currently, i’m still studying but its holiday now ! And yeah, 4 weeks more before my school holiday ended. I haven’t completed my homework and as well as revising, yet i’m still here using computerrrrr.  Forget about this first. Hahahas.

For your info , i got play HKO.  Feel free to chat with me in HKO. IGN ( In-Game Name) is XiaoKeAi. This name means cutie , doesnt means that i think i am cute so i put this as my IGN. Its becos i think HelloKitty is cute, don’t you think so ? ^^ My server is International. (:

< Isn’t it cute ?>

I will tell you more about me, so just continue read it if you want it. I’m kind of shy, timid, crazy and friendly. Your might wondering how can a shy and timid person be crazy, right ? I also don’t know why , but thats me! I love to learn new things, play , watching anime, hanging out with friends and know friends from different world.  I think thats all your need to know. Oh ya, last but not least , my name is YiXuan. Call me yixuan, shorty or xuan if you like.  Indeed, im quite short for my age.

Its 1.27am here, guess i will play some mini games before i go to bed.
Such a long wordy post @_@ , wondering who would be reading my blog. If you did,  pls leave some comments on what do you think of my blog (if you want). *yawn* Better quickly play some games now. Bye readers !

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