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Memories of Cathy, Colico

HeyHey ! (: Saw the title? I bet ur saw it! I sort of completed all the quests in NY, and im gonna get bored soon or maybe im bored now. I will follow or maybe i should say stalk,Cathy101! Im a stalker of Cathy101, the awesome blogger who won the blog of the week. Why do i like to stalk Cathy? She is a fun person to get around with if your know her, she is a great friend, i dont think your will even regret to know her. She is from Japan ! Im so so so love Japan, i wanna see the sakura blossom and eat their stuff there, ohmymy, im sucha :P Back to Cathy again, maybe i should write a dedication to her instead.

Cathy: Hellooo ! Goodfriend, Greatfriend, Bestfriend! I don’t know how to describe u, u’re simply amazing and awesome, a fun friend to be around with. I dont regret meeting u at all ;D I know u at Sanrio Harbour, i was trading with u some gifts from the big event of Christmas.  I couldn’t trade with u at all, that was weird, so i log off and on again. Glad that you waited for me, and yeah, i traded with u. After we’re separate our way… And when i reached flora, Colico invited me into a group. Im like WOW!Your inside! What a coincindence. fate to meet each other?? Hehee^^ Have fun playing with you yesterday, fairygodmother. Your not a old fairy godmother but a young fairy godmother. Btw, thanks for wishing me in facebook and hko, appreciated ^^ Continue your blog, im a fan of your blog ^.^ Is interesting. Days by days, u making more happier.  
Colico: Heyhey! Thanks for the present ^^ And you got the talent to draw cute cute stuff ;D hehe, and thanks for drawing it for my birthday toooo ^^ Glad to meet you as well, without you, no cathy , no yayaa, no joyce, no grace and the most most most important and it is….. no ME! After meeting you, i guess i become more and more talkative, but don’t worry, not your fault for making me so talkative, I just can’t seem to stop talking. Hope you don’t mind :[ And i do remember how i know you, we know each other at florapolis ,near the tools and equipment merchant. After you saw my ign, you PM-ed me and asked whether im a chinese ^.^ Sucha nice friend of you, introducing friends to me, hahas.

My memories, both of your ;D Carved it in my heart, i won’t forget your two even if i gonna mia for very long. The fun that we had, the joy that we had, the memories that both of us created together are unforgettable.

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