My life, my feelings, my mouth, my say
A diary of how i feel, what i want to say and its my mouth.


If genie give me 3 wishes, i would say
1st - I want my results to have flying colours
2nd - I don’t want teacher to give me face/attitude (showing that he/she
don’t like me)
3rd - 3 more wishes
4th - I want to live in LalaLand, i feel that this world is full of miserable,
stress and happy.
5th - I don’t want to go school ?
6th - Thanks for listening to me, genie and everyone

Regarding for the 4th wishes, I know there is happy, sad. Life is full of up and down, all we need to do is overcome all of them. Who don’t wish for happiness only? Am selfish, kinda. I sometimes really do want happiness only, i don’t want people to hate me or dislike me cos i will have this sensitive feeling =.= which i dont know why. A small little tiny matter, i also mind.
Everybody have a balance of likes and dislike, i can’t demand people to like me if they don’t ,right?
Been hoping to sleep all day long. Don’t feel like waking up. Well , im saying this things, but please don’t think that im weak/depression. Crazy? Can (:
Since im born in a pig year, of course i would love to sleep , isn’t it? Hahahas.

Genie, please grant me my wishes ^^ But i don’t think there is a genie in this world.

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