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Helloooo. How long have i not updating my blog? 1 week+ , i guess. Did your guys misss me or forgetting who am i ? Memory faded? poor thing..
or Senile? Having short-term memory? Its okay, i won’t care so much, not your parents afterall (:

Allow me to say something, kind of frustrated.
school School SCHOOL, homework Homework HOMEWORK , dance Dance DANCE !
Have a party in dance today, seniors come back. Told us their experiences, i felt so touched of their speech. Making me kind of motivated.

I misss Cathy101, Colico, YaYaa , Grace, Joyce and Rina_Lyna~

6 Responses to “Peepsss!”

  1. Says:

    aww…^.^….hope u can online soon =D

  2. stranger Says:

    stranger misses u too xoxo

  3. Xuan' Says:

    Awww! >

  4. Xuan' Says:

    i means, aww! who are you?

  5. Says:

    wow also got stanger haha xD

  6. Says:

    probably is cathy XD

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