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Oh yeahh.. Sorry its 4th jan now. Kind of late , but i still want to say HAPPY NEW YEAR to the readers who are looking at my post now :P
I shall update you what i had been doing since 1st jan till 3rd jan (=
If you don’t feel like reading it, i suggest you to move your cursor to your top right-hand corner to the red big X there. And press it, or press Alt + F4. Thank you ^.^

1st Jan

Even though it is Happy New Year, i didn’t went out. I stayed at home and play HKO as per normal.

2nd Jan
Went to Grandma’s house, i miss out 2 schools out’s event. I heard my friends said it was interesting and fun. Well, i hope i got time machine, can turn back the time as i wish. So that i can able to join them and play. Its the last event, u know?! I miss it.. Haiz.. I will get over with it ^^
3rd Jan
Rushing homeworks. Lols. I’m somehow a last minute person, and  i realised that im getting lazier :[ This year is an important year, and i need to focus on studies as well as dancing.

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