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Bad news

Once again, im upset.  First thing first, i might quit HKO and as well as won’t use computer, but thats impossible,right? Seeing how im addicted to computer, can i really quit this habit?
Second thing, my 2 china friends in real life are going back to China and won’t be coming back to Singapore.. They had been demoted to Normal Academic, and i was from Normal Academic , promoted to Express last year. I know them for 1 year only,  this 1 short year,  we had alot of laughing and fun together.  Do you know the pain of when a friend leaving you ? But well, i think im going to be alright soon. They’re going back to China to study. I can’t be flying to china and see them b’cos no money and im young, my parents won’t allow me to do that.  Its sad to see them not coming back.
Okay, i shall get back to my normal self :]
The school started today. And i will be super super busy with SYF and O lvl revision. Today, almost all the teachers was saying who is participating SYF?” & ” ur having O lvl this year”
I can’t write anymore.  Sorry >.<

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