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Weird day

Yesterday is definitely a weird day for me to gone through it.  In my farm, i planted peach seed. After it grew, i go gather it and guess what i saw? BUG! Yes is a bug, it is an item not pantless bug of bug. I checked the wiki about peach tree, but there didn’t said they will drop bug(item).

I saw a portal is moving XD And then move back, i right-click it but i can’t enter the portal. I think it means im going to dc soon >.< 

People PM me, they can’t see my character image (= Becos i never wear accessory(pants), i only wear the Equipment(pants). It is not pantless bug. GM-Heine said that probably is my Equipment(pants) got bug but it is better than pantless bug^^ I find it cool that people cannot see my image when they PM me.

Cathy and Colico will always on at around 8am+ server time and we will chit-chatting, but yesterday they didn’t. Colico said she need to go US/Canada server while Cathy said she need to offline, and then left me alone there. After an hour, YaYaa on. I helped her build the Candy Cottage and went offline after it completed. I always will offline at around 1pm+ server time, but i offlined at 12pm+ server time.

After your reading this post, did your find that im really going through a weird day?

2 Responses to “Weird day”

  1. Victorsaurus Says:

    The portal sometimes runs away from me so I have to D/C
    First time seeing that bug, I barely play HKO, I used to play it alot in the Betas.

  2. stranger Says:

    I’m sorry i ran off, from stranger xD

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