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Memories of Cathy, Colico

February 27th, 2011 by

HeyHey ! (: Saw the title? I bet ur saw it! I sort of completed all the quests in NY, and im gonna get bored soon or maybe im bored now. I will follow or maybe i should say stalk,Cathy101! Im a stalker of Cathy101, the awesome blogger who won the blog of the week. Why do i like to stalk Cathy? She is a fun person to get around with if your know her, she is a great friend, i dont think your will even regret to know her. She is from Japan ! Im so so so love Japan, i wanna see the sakura blossom and eat their stuff there, ohmymy, im sucha :P Back to Cathy again, maybe i should write a dedication to her instead.

Cathy: Hellooo ! Goodfriend, Greatfriend, Bestfriend! I don’t know how to describe u, u’re simply amazing and awesome, a fun friend to be around with. I dont regret meeting u at all ;D I know u at Sanrio Harbour, i was trading with u some gifts from the big event of Christmas.  I couldn’t trade with u at all, that was weird, so i log off and on again. Glad that you waited for me, and yeah, i traded with u. After we’re separate our way… And when i reached flora, Colico invited me into a group. Im like WOW!Your inside! What a coincindence. fate to meet each other?? Hehee^^ Have fun playing with you yesterday, fairygodmother. Your not a old fairy godmother but a young fairy godmother. Btw, thanks for wishing me in facebook and hko, appreciated ^^ Continue your blog, im a fan of your blog ^.^ Is interesting. Days by days, u making more happier.  
Colico: Heyhey! Thanks for the present ^^ And you got the talent to draw cute cute stuff ;D hehe, and thanks for drawing it for my birthday toooo ^^ Glad to meet you as well, without you, no cathy , no yayaa, no joyce, no grace and the most most most important and it is….. no ME! After meeting you, i guess i become more and more talkative, but don’t worry, not your fault for making me so talkative, I just can’t seem to stop talking. Hope you don’t mind :[ And i do remember how i know you, we know each other at florapolis ,near the tools and equipment merchant. After you saw my ign, you PM-ed me and asked whether im a chinese ^.^ Sucha nice friend of you, introducing friends to me, hahas.

My memories, both of your ;D Carved it in my heart, i won’t forget your two even if i gonna mia for very long. The fun that we had, the joy that we had, the memories that both of us created together are unforgettable.


February 17th, 2011 by

Alamak ! I got alot of things to say. Will update it next time (= So stay tune, don’t view it and then forgot about my blog. This is my link: Write it in ur notepad or put it favourite in ur browser.

Bah-Bye readers! Mamamia, muacks~ chuchu~  *wavesss!*


February 17th, 2011 by

This is a video of ‘Home’ , about my country, Singapore :] I only love some parts of the lyrics that the singers sang XD

This song is for total defence day which is on 15 february  2011. This MV consists of 39 local singers and people from SSO ( Singapore Symphony Orchestra).
“Home – Keeping It Together” is the theme for Total Defence 2011. The campaign seeks to remind Singaporeans that Singapore is worth defending on all fronts, simply because it’s home.
The lyrics of “Home” reflect Singaporeans’ treasured memories and shared dreams for the future, whether they are living in Singapore or abroad.

Click here, for information about the Total Defence Day.


January 19th, 2011 by

My dance schedule on saturday had been push it to thursday. Which means that , mon, wed, thurs and fri, i will have dance. Teacher told us, if she cannot complete it by new year, she will add extra lesson on saturday :[
What did i do in dance? Warm-up, dancing for the SYF, break time, dance again, kick our right leg up to thanks the teacher when the lesson ended, 30 push-ups, 50 sit-ups and 50 aeroplane. Normally we did these things as i mentioned ^^


January 19th, 2011 by

If genie give me 3 wishes, i would say
1st - I want my results to have flying colours
2nd - I don’t want teacher to give me face/attitude (showing that he/she
don’t like me)
3rd - 3 more wishes
4th - I want to live in LalaLand, i feel that this world is full of miserable,
stress and happy.
5th - I don’t want to go school ?
6th - Thanks for listening to me, genie and everyone

Regarding for the 4th wishes, I know there is happy, sad. Life is full of up and down, all we need to do is overcome all of them. Who don’t wish for happiness only? Am selfish, kinda. I sometimes really do want happiness only, i don’t want people to hate me or dislike me cos i will have this sensitive feeling =.= which i dont know why. A small little tiny matter, i also mind.
Everybody have a balance of likes and dislike, i can’t demand people to like me if they don’t ,right?
Been hoping to sleep all day long. Don’t feel like waking up. Well , im saying this things, but please don’t think that im weak/depression. Crazy? Can (:
Since im born in a pig year, of course i would love to sleep , isn’t it? Hahahas.

Genie, please grant me my wishes ^^ But i don’t think there is a genie in this world.


January 15th, 2011 by

Helloooo. How long have i not updating my blog? 1 week+ , i guess. Did your guys misss me or forgetting who am i ? Memory faded? poor thing..
or Senile? Having short-term memory? Its okay, i won’t care so much, not your parents afterall (:

Allow me to say something, kind of frustrated.
school School SCHOOL, homework Homework HOMEWORK , dance Dance DANCE !
Have a party in dance today, seniors come back. Told us their experiences, i felt so touched of their speech. Making me kind of motivated.

I misss Cathy101, Colico, YaYaa , Grace, Joyce and Rina_Lyna~

Bad news

January 4th, 2011 by

Once again, im upset.  First thing first, i might quit HKO and as well as won’t use computer, but thats impossible,right? Seeing how im addicted to computer, can i really quit this habit?
Second thing, my 2 china friends in real life are going back to China and won’t be coming back to Singapore.. They had been demoted to Normal Academic, and i was from Normal Academic , promoted to Express last year. I know them for 1 year only,  this 1 short year,  we had alot of laughing and fun together.  Do you know the pain of when a friend leaving you ? But well, i think im going to be alright soon. They’re going back to China to study. I can’t be flying to china and see them b’cos no money and im young, my parents won’t allow me to do that.  Its sad to see them not coming back.
Okay, i shall get back to my normal self :]
The school started today. And i will be super super busy with SYF and O lvl revision. Today, almost all the teachers was saying who is participating SYF?” & ” ur having O lvl this year”
I can’t write anymore.  Sorry >.<


January 4th, 2011 by

Oh yeahh.. Sorry its 4th jan now. Kind of late , but i still want to say HAPPY NEW YEAR to the readers who are looking at my post now :P
I shall update you what i had been doing since 1st jan till 3rd jan (=
If you don’t feel like reading it, i suggest you to move your cursor to your top right-hand corner to the red big X there. And press it, or press Alt + F4. Thank you ^.^

1st Jan

Even though it is Happy New Year, i didn’t went out. I stayed at home and play HKO as per normal.

2nd Jan
Went to Grandma’s house, i miss out 2 schools out’s event. I heard my friends said it was interesting and fun. Well, i hope i got time machine, can turn back the time as i wish. So that i can able to join them and play. Its the last event, u know?! I miss it.. Haiz.. I will get over with it ^^
3rd Jan
Rushing homeworks. Lols. I’m somehow a last minute person, and  i realised that im getting lazier :[ This year is an important year, and i need to focus on studies as well as dancing.


January 4th, 2011 by

In english, it will be ‘ Bye, Prince’
Don’t really like the MV>.< Just the song XD

Weird day

December 29th, 2010 by

Yesterday is definitely a weird day for me to gone through it.  In my farm, i planted peach seed. After it grew, i go gather it and guess what i saw? BUG! Yes is a bug, it is an item not pantless bug of bug. I checked the wiki about peach tree, but there didn’t said they will drop bug(item).

I saw a portal is moving XD And then move back, i right-click it but i can’t enter the portal. I think it means im going to dc soon >.< 

People PM me, they can’t see my character image (= Becos i never wear accessory(pants), i only wear the Equipment(pants). It is not pantless bug. GM-Heine said that probably is my Equipment(pants) got bug but it is better than pantless bug^^ I find it cool that people cannot see my image when they PM me.

Cathy and Colico will always on at around 8am+ server time and we will chit-chatting, but yesterday they didn’t. Colico said she need to go US/Canada server while Cathy said she need to offline, and then left me alone there. After an hour, YaYaa on. I helped her build the Candy Cottage and went offline after it completed. I always will offline at around 1pm+ server time, but i offlined at 12pm+ server time.

After your reading this post, did your find that im really going through a weird day?

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