The tagline is in Filipino. Its rough translation is “Make vegetables a part of life.” Well, I think that’s what they were trying to relay to the public.

The new endorser of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is Alyssa Milano, best known for starring in the popular TV series titled Charmed.

In this ad, Milano flaunts a gown made from vegetables (I wonder what theydo with those veggies after the shoot).

Aside from being a supporter of PETA, Milano is also a national ambassador for United Nations Children’s Fund and founding ambassador for the Global Network for Neglected Tropical Diseases.

According to Microsoft, the July 7, 2007 Live Earth concerts streaming on made history with more than 8 million people watching over 15 million streams, with peak simultaneous viewership of 237,000 people.

The company claims that, to date, more than 30 million people witnessed some portion of the event online. The peak simultaneous viewership was during Madonna’s performance in London.

Live Earth television ratings, on the contrary, did not fair so well. Nielsen Media Research reported that only 2.7 million people watched the event last Saturday and was ‘least watched’ compared to other shows aired opposite it: ABC’s America’s Funniest Home Videos, CBS’ 48 Hours Mystery, and Fox’s America’s Most Wanted.

Here are some videos from Live Earth 2007:

Madonna - Hey you

John Mayer - (Not) Waiting on the world to change

The Police - Message in a Bottle

Shakira - Hips don’t lie

This list was released by Spinner.Com. It’s just odd, though, that most of these bands were not in the Live Earth Concert.

1 Ditty Bops: Touring by Bike

To promote their 2006 album ‘Moon Over the Freeway,’ the female folk duo went beyond using eco-friendly biodiesel by giving up fuel altogether and touring the U.S. on bicycles. In support of clean air, the Ditty Bops biked 4,700 miles, playing shows along the way. The journey did not come without its hardships, however, including what the band described as “diaper-rash sore ass.”


Jack Johnson: Green Label

Lights are rarely turned on at Johnson’s own Brushfire Records office building, thanks to skylights and windows. In fact, the entire building is eco-friendly, with solar panels on the roof, shredded old jeans as wall insulation and installed low-flow toilets. Plus, they print CD covers on recycled paper and are trying to get their distributor, Universal, to use soy-based ink and biodegradable shrink wrap on all CDs. And in Johnson’s ongoing efforts to help save the environment well into the future, he co-founded an environmental education program in his native Hawaii


Pearl Jam: Curbing Carbon

Pearl Jam know their massive tours burn up the Earth’s resources, and they’re doing all they can to make up for it. The band has donated thousands of dollars to nine different environment-focused organizations in an effort to offset the tons of carbon emitted from its tour buses and stage shows. It’s all part of the “Carbon Portfolio Strategy” they co-founded, which also funds an environmental education center for children, the campaign costs of helping pass eco-friendly legislation and a program to help protect forests near their Seattle home base.


Cloud Cult: Earth-Friendly Music

The indie rockers painstakingly ensure each and every CD printed on their own nonprofit record label, Earthology Records, is eco-friendly. They package CDs in recycled jewel cases, each of which is hand-cleaned by the band members themselves. All CD inserts are printed with nontoxic soy inks on recycled paper, and CD shrink wrap is made of nontoxic biodegradable corn cellulose. This is all done on an organic farm, where Earthology’s headquarters are heated entirely with geothermal energy.


Sarah Harmer: Keeping It Wild

The Canadian songstress thinks globally and acts locally: Harmer and her band hiked along the Niagara Escarpment — a wild area near the American-Canadian border that includes Niagara Falls — in an effort to save it from commercialization. They performed acoustic concerts along the way to raise awareness for the preservation of the wild lands. Harmer has co-founded an environmental group called PERL (Protecting Escarpment Rural Land) to help protect those and other wild lands from human destruction.


Bonnie Raitt: Energy Saver

Raitt is not only an environmental activist, she also goes to great lengths to recognize others dedicated to the cause. As a founding member of Musicians United for Safe Energy, the blues rocker held the 2002 ‘Green Highway’ benefit concert, which aimed to promote alternative energy solutions. Raitt also dedicated a humanitarian award to Julia Butterfly Hill, who sat in a tree for a year to help save the California redwoods. Raitt hiked a mountain trail and then used a pulley system to get up to Hill’s perch and deliver the award.


Peter and the Wolf: Touring by Sea

What started off as a means of saving money for the Austin, Texas-based rockers ended up garnering the group major environmental props. Annoyed with high gasoline prices, frontman Red Hunter decided the band should travel the eastern leg of their 2006 summer tour by sea — so they cruised along the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway in a chartered sailboat. After realizing he was not only saving money but also a lot of clean air, Hunter became a spokesman promoting awareness for America’s energy crisis.


Neil Young: Veggie-Fueled Touring

The rock ‘n’ roll veteran helped pioneer the now-popular practice of fueling tour buses with biodiesel. When promoting his 2004 film and album, both titled ‘Greendale,’ Young traveled with a caravan of 17 diesel vehicles, all of which ran on a mixture of soybean and vegetable oil. The biodiesel fuel emits about 75 percent less pollution than regular diesel fuel. Others who’ve followed in Young’s Earth-friendly footsteps with their own biodiesel-fueled tours include KT Tunstall, the Indigo Girls and Keith Urban, just to name a few.


Orbital: Recording by Sunshine

The British techno duo recorded its 1996 hit ‘The Girl With the Sun in Her Head’ using electricity from a Greenpeace solar-power generator. They also sneaked environmental commentary into several songs, including the track ‘Forever,’ which has a sample of a speech by actor Graham Crowden regarding man’s destructive disregard for the environment.


Dave Matthews Band: Pedal Pushers

Global warming is on the forefront of Matthews’ mind, as he is committed to retracing any environmentally harmful footsteps he’s taken … and helping others do the same. As part of their hometown of Charlottesville, Va.’s Community Yellow Bicycles Program, Dave Matthews Band members helped scatter free bikes around town to promote eco-friendly traveling. They’ve also teamed with NativeEnergy and Clean Air-Cool Planet to offset 100 percent of the carbon dioxide pollution DMB’s touring has caused since 1991.

Jay Leno makes a funny anecdote regarding the upcoming Live Earth concerts, where Al Gore promised will happen in all seven continents. But in Antartica, some scientists were said to have volunteered. Look what happens:

See, that’s the effect of global warming. Haha. If you want free tickets to Live Earth, you may enter this contest at ecorazzi. Deadline, unfortunately, is already today. Cheers!

The music scene is definitely aware of the increasing need to decrease one’s carbon footprint. The Premises, a recording studio in London, has installed photovoltaic cells on its roof around last year to save energy and ultimately, money on the long term.

This just shows that businesses can take advantage of modern technology to be more earth-friendly.

snipshot_e4duoxi0rif.jpgOnce again, Keira Knightley, star of Pirates of the Carribean and Pride and Prejudice, was spotted carrying her “I’m not a plastic bag” handbag while shopping at a Farmer’s Market in central London last week.

The bag, which got sold out after Knightley was seen sporting it early this year, is from the eco-fashion line of Anya Hindmarch. At least, celebrities like Knightley choose to use their status to bring about positive change in society. Hopefully, more than being a fashion trend, this inspires people to imbibe greenism in their lifestyles.

To Keira, two thumbs up! You’re definitely more than just a pretty face! Thanks to for this scoop. Ecorazzi’s always first to know about the green trends of our favorite stars. Kudos!

It was around late February when Alicia Mayer posed for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) to promote vegetarianism.

Annually, PETA conducts a “World’s Sexiest Vegetarian” Poll and it was reported that Mayer is now taking an early lead. As to how far her lead will go, I don’t know. But I did vote for her. You can cast your vote for your favorite celebrity vegetarian here.

“When you look at the more than 200 gorgeous celebrities in this year’s poll, there are no bones about it—a vegetarian diet makes you beautiful inside and out,” says PETA Asia Pacific Director Jason Baker. “After all, going vegetarian is the best thing that you can do for animals, the Earth, and yourself. Plus, everyone knows that there’s nothing sexier than someone who exudes both passion and compassion.” Davao Today

Previous winners of this poll include: Shania Twain, Carrie Underwood, and Natalie Portman. This year’s results will come out sometime late June.

Let me restate that.

“What was with Brad Pitt at Ocean’s Thirteen Premiere?”

The answer: a BMW Hydrogen 7. I know. Brad Pitt is enough reason to send me screaming out to the limits of my voicebox but his car is just too hard to ignore.

Hydrogen technology dramatically reduces emissions generated by personal transport and, in particular, minimizes the emission of CO2. Running in the hydrogen mode, the BMW Hydrogen 7 essentially emits nothing but vapor. And, unlike fossil fuels and traditional gasoline, hydrogen is available in virtually infinite supply. With the BMW Hydrogen 7, the BMW Group is laying down a marker for sustainable mobility. This car will play a pioneering role in driving forward hydrogen technologies. Autobloggreen.Com

BMW Hydrogen 7 is also considered as the first hydrogen-drive luxury performance automobile for everyday use.

Brad, you are definitely a hottie!

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Matt DillonI was doing my usual internet surfing. I checked out Yahoo! Answers for the newest questions on the environment and guess what I found?! I found Matt Dillon asking “What are the most effective yet simple ways people can save energy?”

Looks like Yahoo! Answers is employing this strategy-celebrity question-to get people talking about a specific topic. It’s a good thing. Matt’s question, to date, has generated 2,734 answers (soon to be 2,735 after I answer it, haha). Note: Worldwatch Institute founder also gave out an answer. Well, for an advocate of energy efficiency, this is a laudable move. At least, Yahoo! is making something out of its popularity..

I’m sooo luvin’ Yahoo! now. Want to answer Matt Dillon’s question?

Following the recent announcement of Halle Berry and boyfriend Gabriel Aubrey that they will become parents by the end of 2007, Berry was seen buying clothes for her little one (although as of press time it has not been confirmed whether they’d have a baby biologically or through adoption). Her shopping spree which reached $1000, included Pink organic foot pajamas and a kimono tee made from soybean fibers, at baby boutique Bel Bambini.

All the items she bought were intended for a baby girl. That got the people to conclude that the lovely couple would probably have a baby through adoption.

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