Last June 21, millions of Londoners joined the campaign to raise awareness on climate change. London turned off its lights from 9-10 PM during this night in an effort to make a difference for the environment.

An estimated 2 million light bulbs went out around the capital, saving roughly 750 MWh of electricity in just one hour – enough to run 3,000 televisions for a year.

Homes, shops, businesses, the Buckingham Palace, and Tony Blair participated in this noteworthy endeavor, showing to the rest of the world that London is a green city that respects the earth. Even the Piccadilly Circus Advertising Lights went out for the first time since World War Two! That is just amazing.

Check out the video of this event:

This is again another success story that can be replicated in other places. I admire London, its people and leaders, for their sense of environmentalism in spite of its first-world status. They are not afraid to give back to the environment what they have taken from it. For your social conscience, London, you are now close to my heart.

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12 Responses to “Lights out London!”

  1. Cool! I saw it once on tv, but on another place…. but I don’t remember where….

  2. hi luty! ;) that would be sydney! if i’m not mistaken, sydney was the first to do the “lights out” campaign.

  3. COol! I love the spirit! :) Angel, you from London?

  4. I love this! If only they do this everywhere! :)

  5. @tingal: hi there! nope, i’m from the Philippines. Just passionate about the environment that’s why i scout for environment news all over the world and share it to others. ;)

    @tiffy: yeah, i hope. especially 1st world countries coz they consume a lot of energy.


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