I read about an ecofashion boutique opening up a new branch. Out of curiosity, I checked out the boutique’s website. It’s called Greenloop, a store that “carries an impressive array of stylish ecodesigners producing apparel and accessories that are made using sustainable materials — fabrics such as organic cotton, hemp or Tencel, or recycled or repurposed materials like old candy wrappers. [lakeoswegoreview.com]

Some of the items I really liked:

Although these items are a little more expensive than the average clothing, this will go a long way in helping the environment. If you can afford it (instead of buying mink), then why not go shop these great items.

This bag is made out of vintage automotive fabrics, which were never-used but were intended for use in American automobiles. A plus: Kim White handbags are tagged with the make and year of the fabric (1990 Mustang). This makes you know where and when your bag came from. It adds fun to sporting it. Interesting and cool, right?

This is an Anna Cohen tank top. I love the sultry bamboo fabric. It also seems very comfy to wear.

From the top, let us go to the bottom: Loomstate Organic Poplin Beach Pants.
organic beach pants

Green Benefit: Because conventional cotton farming requires as much as 1/3 a pound of chemicals to grow the amount of cotton fiber needed to make just a single tee-shirt, much of it ends up in the air, soil and waterways we use. On the other hand, organic farming incorporates biological - rather than chemical-based - growing systems to raise crops. While large amounts of chemicals are used in growing and processing traditional cotton crops, organic cotton farming utilizes natural compost in place of synthetic fertilizers to yield a naturally strong, healthy fiber. Which means less damage to the land and water – and ultimately you.

To complete the outfit, I chose these shoes: Mohop Leila Mid Heels. It has a sleek design. With average heels, this will surely be a nice pair to wear.

This handmade shoe is composed of a laminated Finnish birch plywood core and a mottled taupe recycled rubber sole. The footbed features red stained birch or fir veneer with an original screenprinted graphic of hibiscus in black and white, and is sealed with a durable hand-rubbed marine finish.

For more great green fashion finds, just visit Greenloop.

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  1. these are quite nice.

  2. Fabulous and stylish; energy efficiency of these materials is even a plus.

  3. hi there! thanks for reading!

  4. Here in Brazil we had a lot of these kind of clothes, but they’re really expensive!!

  5. Oh my gosh! The items are really nice! Thanks for sharing. :)

  6. @luty; Yeah, i heard they’re really expensive. That’s the sad thing there. But to people who can afford those, I’d really recommend that they opt for these green finds.

    @tiffy: thanks for visiting!

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