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yikes =x

I just went to the doctor, this is what I found out.

height: 5′6″ / 167.64 cm.
weight: 131 lb. / 59.4206 kg.
Might have a thyroid problem. (O_O)


This is my reaction to the death of Ed McMahon and Farah Fawcett and the death of Micheal Jackson.

I hate my mom Dx

Well you can see my last entry that I got a haircut yesterday. Well mom decided she didn’t like my hair so she cut it again:

Macbook & Haircut

*legasp* my parents decided to give me my macbook early because of my grades(I got an A[highest grade] for three of my classes and B[second highest grade] for the other three)!! I also got a haircut:

Oh the joy of summer~


You heard right! As seen on GM-Bacon’s entry for some money you can have a pair of your pets make babies (O_O) LOOK! (it’s not as gross as I make it sound like xD)


I during the school year I became and fan of Marilyn Manson. So yea.. I saw this video and it just made my day xD It’s called ” What happens when a prep watches a marilyn manson video?” The title really speaks for itself just look, it’s real amusing:

You can’t tell but the Marilyn Manson video she’s being shown is for his song (s)AINT now before you go searching it I have to give you the following advisories for it:

If it was a movie it would be rated R because it contains the following:
*drug use

But anyways every video site tends to flag the video so you probably won’t get to see anyway.

I miss you HKO (T_T)

I went on the official blog today. I saw all the new improvements they will be making with the next release of HKO and I’m excited and sad at the same time. The new quests and storyline and avatar customization all seem so great but I’m worried about when we will be able to see these things, I hope it comes out during the summer so I get a chance to play it..


I’m finally finished with my freshman year of High School \(^o^)/ I am so happy and excited for this summer~ I get to sleep in everyday xD Even scientists say it’s good for teenagers to wake up late and to sleep a lot in the morning. It’s very beneficial for the constantly changing teenaged mind  :) So if it’s 9 in the morning  and someone tries waking me up I can be like “*swats hand* no! my brain is developing!” xD My Uncle, Aunt and Cousin are going to be visiting and staying for the summer! And my birthday, July 21, I will be getting a macbook =D I think this summer will be great :)


You probably wondered what happened to me, I’ll tell you what happened: High School (T_T) So have been doing absolutely nothing aside from school work. I’m only a freshman too T^T I thinking the only time I will be blogging here is during the summer when I have the time AND doing something other than school.


This easter egg hunt is frustrating me Dx The official blog said we also had to send in our answers to all the subpuzzles but the thing is I didn’t do the sudoku one coz I don’t know how to play sudoku! Dx and the 10th subpuzzle I can’t figure out! So My Melody, Badtz and Cinnamoroll probably ate Purin’s lunch. My Melo said that she and cinna didn’t eat and cinna said Badtz ate and Badtz admits he did! The clues say only one of them is lying and that there might be 2 people who ate it! the clues are somewhat contradicting! Should I be thinking more simply about this? Could it be My Melo who’s lying? She does mention that she AND Cinna didn’t eat it, so it could be both of them who ate it. But Cinna said that Badtz ate it so Cinna would be lying too and they say only ONE person is lying! GAAAAH! Dx Then again they only 2 people may had eaten and they state only one is lying as a fact. Could it be Badtz that’s lying? Then again it appears his statement is a confession rather than a lie.  It seems like the only person I haven’t ruled out is Cinnamoroll, but my gut says that Cinna didn’t do it Dx

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