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Afters days of synthesizing I bring you…

The material blades of ToS(Tales of Symphonia)! AN ARMY OF EVIL FLYING MONKEYS?! YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME! WHY?!HOW?! Well, *Sing a little spell, feathers surround me* Ta-da! Wings! *Flys into the air, takes down the monkeys one by one* Gah! Where the heck are they coming from?…Is that a portal?!

Mimmy is safe, but we are are under attack !

I’ve got it!

Blogging from school, because my computer science teacher let me :) Anyways I got the actual cure for Mimmy! Here Mimmy drink this *hands the potion to turn her back to kitty Mimmy* and then this *potion to bring her back to normal size* now drink them!*Mimmy drinks potion 1*

Mimmy: I am a kitty again!…but I am still big.

Me: That is what the other potion is for!

Mimmy: Oh, right. *drinks potion 2* Hey! I thought I was at least a inch taller than this!

Me: Whoops (;^o^)

Oh Dear (O_O)

It seems like my potion didn’t work (T_T) What did I do wrong? *Looks at the Mimmy fur sample under microscope* AH! Some of Mimmy’s bug juice was in it from when Ganta stepped on her! I need a clean sample! Also some potion to bring her to normal size (T_T) Mimmy I will be at your house! Then I will be in my lab for a while and soon I will bring the cure!!…the actual one (T_T) It’s a good thing Mimmy is big now so she will be able to actually drink the potions.

I got the cure!

When I saw Ganta running down the street screaming. I figured out a way to turn Mimmy back to a kitten!  This potion! *Pulls out a vessel* Things can be added to this potion to turn a creature into another! In this case I added some of Mimmy’s fur! I sneaked into her house and there was a lot of it on her bed XD Normally the creature has to drink the potion but Mimmy is too smal to drink it, so we will pour some of it on her. *Pours the potion on Mimmy, sparkles suround her*

Pink Bear’s Birthday + New the GazettE Single!!

Happy Birthday to Pink Bear!!

Also the GazettE has a new single coming out!!

Mimmy is a bug?!

How did that happen?! Was it a spell I did? (T_T) There has to be something I can do to make her into the cute kitty she was again (ToT)

The End.

In the End - LP

So this is the end. My Melo is gone. Why  Sorceress?! Why was this the only way?! And why is Mimmy gone too?! This can’t end like this! *cries*

The seed has a sorceress inside =O

Singing:A Song ~song by Tear~ - Tear

The seed has a sorceress in it! Pink bear has taken the sorceress into her body, and soon monster shall be gone!


Darn it! The monster has not been destroyed!  But what about my white magic? Why didn’t it work?!I released pure light, and this monster is pure darkness it should have harmed it the slightest bit! Wait! Is that Kuromi?! It has to be her, she should know how to stop this! We can’t afford it not to be her! And who are you calling pint-sized?! YOU have to be small yourself to fit into My Melo’s tiny body D<

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