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Halloween Blog themes plus downloading the HKO game

I’ve got the installer for HKO :D But it’s taking pretty long… But blogging is helping me get through it :D And the new Halloween blog themes are awesome! Just take a look!

I love this one :3 It’s so gothic and lovely~

This one Is a little more playful and not really scary at all. (I think the Charmmy Kitty one is a little scary with the bats and trees)Pumpkins and pandas, gotta love it.

New Blog themes!

Of all the new themes the one I have right now suits my fancy. Yep, HKO theme. Here are the others you can choose~

Kuromi merchandise & recovered!

I am feeling great now, Pink Bear has used the seed? So has Kerropi and friends gotten their own bodies back,food is no longer evil and Mimmy is normal size? If not…

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New Game on Sanriotown!

Aww!! X3

mood: aww!!

A 3 year old toddler (sort of) singing Wakaremichi by the GazettE!!

My Nephew Cloud~

Remember when I told you about my nephew Cloud~?  Here are some pics of him~these were taken by HenryC photography, I hav a right to post this!! He is MY nephew so there!

That’s his mommy, Lisa :)

His daddy,my cousin, Steven :) He looks just like him~! If you look at a baby picture of Steven you can hardly tell the difference between them!

My Keycap!

That’s a pic of the keycap I use for my housekey :) I wrote about this a way long time ago and I only found a picture just now XD I still wonder way one of the leaves on Hello Kitty’s head is darker than the other XD And why Kitty’s face is so yellow (X_X)


April Sanrio Birthdays:

Sugar Charmmy’s Kitty’s jungalian hamster best friend celebrates his birthday on the 1st of May! He was given to Hello Kitty by Dear Daniel the same time that her Papa gave her Charmmy.Happy birthday, Sugar!
Dear Daniel Dear Daniel, Hello Kitty’s beau, celebrates his birthday on May 3.
Minna No Tabo Honest Minna No Tabo celebrates his birthday on May 5.
Terikichi Terikichi, Chibimaru’s gentleman dog friend, says hello to another year also on May 5.
Chococat Chococat, a little boy cat with the chocolate-colored nose, will celebrate his birthday on May 10.
Tuxedo Sam Antarctic-born and England-bred Tuxedo Sam celebrates his birthday on May 12. Aside from English, he is fluent in Penguinese.
Teruteru Teruteru, the little girl rain charm and part of Keroppi’s friends, celebrates her birthday on May 18.
Umeya Variety Store Grandma Ume of the Umeya Zakkaten, or the Umeya Variety Store, celebrates her birthday also on May 18.
Frooliemew FroolieMew, the parisian cat with an eye for fashion celebrates her birthday on May 24.
Nemukko Nyago Nemukko Nyago, Sanrio’s sleepy cat, celebrates his on May 25.
Marron Cream Marron Cream, another character who lives in Paris, celebrates her birthday on May 31.

Good thing this was posted in time for Dear Daniel’s Birthday!

New Blog themes~

Wee! Finally! And look there’s a Cinnamoroll on too~

Perfect for Cinnamoroll’s blog Cafe Cinnamon! There’s also a Kuririn one and a Purin on too~

I’m such a kid XD


I love Barkley from Sesame Street! I used to watch that show when I was a kid and Barkley just came to my mind when I saw this picture of Uruha from the GazettE:

BTW: Both of these pictures were taken in Japan :3

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