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Well summer’s just about over for me, my sophomore year of high school begins tomorrow! so here we go…


August 31 - June 10 (school year)

w00t!…I guess

Yep, my almost!all-nighters and utterly dead social life have paid off: I got the Principal’s Recognition Award.(AKA a fancy, high-school way of saying “Honor Roll”) According the letter there’s really only 5 requirements to it:

1. At least 12 points earned in school grades with an “A” equal to three points, a “B” equal to two points and a “C” equal to one point.(since I got 3 “A’s” and 3 “B’s” I got 15 points)

2. All grades must be at least a “C” or above.

3. Only one “N” is allowed in citizenship. (didn’t get any N’s ^^)

4. Only one “N” is allowed in effort. (didn’t get any N’s here either)

5. No “U’s” are allowed in citizenship or effort. (didn’t get any U’s either…obviously xD)

JASMINE YOU(yes You is his last name) IS DEAD!!! (T_T)

RIP Jasmine You of Versailles, August 9, 2009

I’m sure some of you have heard Jasmine, bassist of Versailles has died with the cause of death yet to be revealed. I’m so depressed, coz his death means so many things! What will happen will Versailles? Will they still be at V-Rock Fest? I feel so angry and sad and worried at the same time!! (TT_TT) And we just got to see Jasmine without all of his crazy accessories in Rock and Read magazine vol. 26

Goodbye, Jasmine. Versailles will never be the same…

Happy Birthday to me!

It’s my 15th birthday and what do I get? A Fender t-shirt, a peace sign t-shirt and Coby headphones! and I’m going out for pizza for lunch at….I don’t remember xD

Something I feel strong about…

Please click the picture to view the whole thing…
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I got some bad news. on July 22nd(starts July 21st) there will be a solar eclipse in thailand, meaning everyone born the month of July has bad luck- and my birthday is July 21st. So on my birthday I have to go to temple and the monks will have to do this prayer to get rid of it D: Coz I’m sure (most of you) know that I am thai..

Oh wow…

I haven’t done any crazy facts for awhile, but now I have found some. And they’re about Michael Jackson.

– Michael Jackson signed his will on 7/7/02.
– Michael Jackson’s memorial was on 7/7/09 … exactly 7 years after the will was signed.
– Michael Jackson’s two biggest hits — “Black & White” and “Billie Jean” — were each #1 for 7 weeks.
– Michael Jackson’s three biggest albums — “Thriller,” “Bad” and “Dangerous” — each produced 7 top 40 hits.
– Michael Jackson was the 7th of 9 children.
– Michael Jackson was born in 1958 … 19 + 58 = 77
– Michael Jackson died on the 25th … 2 + 5 = 7
– Michael Jackson has 7 letters in his first and last name.

yikes =x

I just went to the doctor, this is what I found out.

height: 5′6″ / 167.64 cm.
weight: 131 lb. / 59.4206 kg.
Might have a thyroid problem. (O_O)


This is my reaction to the death of Ed McMahon and Farah Fawcett and the death of Micheal Jackson.

I hate my mom Dx

Well you can see my last entry that I got a haircut yesterday. Well mom decided she didn’t like my hair so she cut it again:

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