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Yep, my almost!all-nighters and utterly dead social life have paid off: I got the Principal’s Recognition Award.(AKA a fancy, high-school way of saying “Honor Roll”) According the letter there’s really only 5 requirements to it:

1. At least 12 points earned in school grades with an “A” equal to three points, a “B” equal to two points and a “C” equal to one point.(since I got 3 “A’s” and 3 “B’s” I got 15 points)

2. All grades must be at least a “C” or above.

3. Only one “N” is allowed in citizenship. (didn’t get any N’s ^^)

4. Only one “N” is allowed in effort. (didn’t get any N’s here either)

5. No “U’s” are allowed in citizenship or effort. (didn’t get any U’s either…obviously xD)

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  1. Grats, Angie!^_^

  2. thank you! ^^

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