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For Asaka…

but the rest of you guys can see it too :) For you curious people out there Asaka is a Japanese person who I’d like to call friend :) But here is the song Without a Trace I’d like to share with her, it’s so beautiful even though I don’t really understand what the vocalist is singing xD But it is pretty sad. Can you understand what Ruki(vocalist) is singing Asaka? BTW he does make a somewhat failed attempt to sing “without a trace” in english a bit early in the song xD Also if you comment don’t worry if it doesn’t show up immediately, I moderate my comment so I hav to approve it before it shows up

Without a Trace - the GazettE

PS: Remember I asked you what Ruki’s, vocalist of the GazettE, name means and you said that the “ki” part meant demon but the “Ru” part depends on the kanji? Well here’s Ruki in kanji:

I’m a Sanriotown Easter Egg hunter :D

Okey, So I just got my first key letter for the Sanriotown Egg Hunt contest, but I accidentally deleted my confirmation email, like permanently. What should I do?

Sanriotown Easter Egg hunt ^o^

*squeals* I sent in the blank email like they said…lols I think I said like the very same thing when I found out about Founders Beta in HKO. But I really am excited about this, lookie at the prizes~!

I would honestly be sooo happy if I got any of them. But I really hoping for the doll ^\\\^ But I wonder how this hunt is going to be done. Are they going to do it through HKO? I honestly hope not unless they create a new patch, because the latest patch gave me trouble and so I missed the last day of the Happy Hearts Event (T_T) Or will they make some sort of mini game for the game center? Or will they hide eggs around the site for us to find? Gah~ so many possibilities!

I wuv the new blog themes (^o^)

Especially the new HKO one :D I wish I could have the same theme as the official blog buuut that will probably never happen Dx At least it has all the characters that the official blog header rotates to. But I think the layout really only looks like a big complication of HKO graphics. It looks mostly good but I feel a bit bothered by the sidebar:

I don’t rly like the color combo + I don’t rly like how it isn’t really like one solid bar like in the old HKO layout. Otherwise I’m pretty happy with it.

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