I sprained my ankle in PE. I was doing this exercise where I had to jump and when I came down I slipped and…well…twist. I never cried so much since my grandmother died. I hav a headache from all my crying.

*Sigh* It’s over, and I’m not too Happy :

Gah, I couldn’t get in the ending picture. The new 0.7.53.o was giving me trouble. Gettting stuck at the loading screen(described in my previous post) and when I was able to get in I kept getting disconnected from the server. I hope I will get in the picture for open beta *quadruple crosses fingers(crossing two pairs of fingers on each hands, I can’t explain how I do it ;>>)* Hopefully HKO will be more stable/functional enough by OB.

HKO Problem!

I have been updated to a 7.53.0 patch through Autoupdate but now I am getting stuck at the loading screen, like I’ve logged into the game has fully loaded but 10 minutes-2 hours later I’m still stuck there. I spent all saturday trying to fix it but I miserably failed D: Could anyone tell the problem or how to fix this? I tried uninstalling it then reinstalling HKO under the 7.51.0 patch but the Autoupdate keeps updating me to the 7.53.0 patch D<

I feel…dead

I received horrible news form the United States Humane Society(if you don’t want to read the whole letter in summary Canadian Sealers pretty much trespassed to a grey seal NURSERY and killed 200 baby seals) :

Dear Angela,Last week, I told you about my trip to Hay Island, where I

watched mother grey seals nurse their babies still covered in

white fur, while older pups slept and played in groups.

I was thrilled to be there -- not to document their deaths, but

to celebrate the fact that the grey seal hunt had not gone on as

planned, because there were no buyers for grey seal skins.

The sealing season had not been officially cancelled, but I was

filled with hope.

I am devastated to have to say that on Monday, sealers butchered

200 of these pups -- just to provide "samples" to a Newfoundland

seal processing company.

To know that 200 of the pups we filmed last week were beaten to

death with wooden bats is too much to bear.

And though the sealers have not returned to Hay Island so far,

in a few weeks, they will go to the ice floes off Canada's east

coast to slaughter hundreds of thousands of harp seals. It is

urgent that you exert economic pressure on the fishing industry

responsible for the hunt by boycotting Canadian seafood and

asking all your friends:


You can also tell your local restaurants and grocery stores to

join the boycott:


The cruelty on the ice must end, and we can end it.

Thank you for all your help,

Rebecca Aldworth

Director, Wildlife Issues

Humane Society International/Canada

P.S. Go to https://community.hsus.org/ct/RpMJm_S1iRVK/

regularly to follow our efforts and find out how you can help.

I’m still crying as I type this post.


Happy Hearts has been extended to the 22!!

This is a freakin’ miracle! I don’t think I would get a chance to play cause I have so much homework and I was devastated cause it’s the 17 and this is the day it was suppose to end. Also I was filled with more joy when I found the 22nd was a Sunday for me! Sunday there is no school+by then I am finished with my weekend homework! Thank you HKO!!!

HKO Status: Not on, don’t need help anymore

 I’ve done some leveling-up and I think I can do this quest on my own now :) But I still have a Big Boar card up for grabs, so if you want a big boxpig(>w<) for a pet you can see me, my in-game name is *~Angie~*

Hi, I wanted to say that I need a crazy centipede antenna and insane scorpion stinger. I am in east dream forest right now so if have a stinger or antenna to spare you can find me using the local area map, hunt me down and trade with me. I can give 165 money and a cur(the dog GM-Zel has)card|or|I accidentally used the the card Big boar card(I give thanks to bloodmoon/purplemoon for the cards) for it.

This post will be updated if I’m off and If I’m in a different place/have more money to give.

First Day back at HKO

So yesterday the Happy Hearts event launched and I got a chance to play! I woke up at the Grand Central station, which I think that was were I was when the Christmas Reunion ended. It was a day of confirmation and discovery. The NPCs where in different places, there was all sorts of new spazzy sound effects and remember the little envelope with wings? I was right, it was to notify that we have mail. The only thing that made me sad is that when GM-Abby was gathering people to take screenshots at Buckingham palace it was time for me to go to bed D:

My First Experience with the HKO Resolution

After I downloaded the new HKO patch for the Valentine reunion I made sure that it works and I found a delightful surprise~

You can experience the new resolution now!…just not past the login screen obviously. But the login screen is awesome enough for the screen-filling awesomeness! xD A simple screenshot of the new massive login  screen does no justice at all (`_’)


Ok, I’m not just happy that the Happy Hearts event is coming soon but there was something in GM-Abby’s celebration screenie that got me a little bit excited xD

No more farm menu! xD Honestly, it annoyed me to have to go to the farm and to click that little icon to open up the little menu to click the little icons. Now they are just tucked right there in that cute little corner xD I wonder if we can have the options menu open while the tool shed menu is and stuff like that…

EDIT 2: Does anyone also notice that GM-Miyaw’s crops spell HKO?

EDIT:I took a look GM-Miyaw’s screenshot of her farm and as noticed by Ripplecloud  there was a little envelope with a pair of wings xD

  What could it be for? To notify that we have mail?

Happy Birthday Ruki!

Today is the 27th birthday of Ruki from the GazettE!

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