Happy Thanksgiving!

Also, I forgot! November 21st was my blog’s second anniversary! I’m too busy D: Even thought it’s a holiday, I have homework to do D’:

(T_T) I wanna drop out…

Even though I am getting perfectly good grades in High School I still wanna drop out (T_T) It’s so hard…a lot of the time. All this homework is murdering me (X_X) I had just finished my weekend homework-And it’s Sunday, the last day of weekend (TT^TT)! At least this following Thursday and Friday there is no school. But most likely one teacher will assign homework for that 4 day weekend. Probably my history teacher cause she’s the one that gives the most homework. Wait, I think she won’t, she told the class we have weekend homework so that we won’t have homework for the 4 day weekend. If she doesn’t assign 4 day weekend homework then probably my English teacher will (T_T) He say we will have a project to do for Winter Vacation. I can’t even call it a vacation anymore. (T_T) *sigh* I need to wash me PE clothes…


WARNING: This post is not appropriate for children under 14!

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End of FB Aftermath

I decided to go and uninstall the HKO FB client…

…but then I randomly thought to look at the HKO site and look ~

Talk about close call :) Keep the client? My pleasure :)

Bye Bye FB~ (T^T)

*Sigh* I didn’t spend so much time on FB unlike in CB because of school (T_T) But at least I got to see the new worlds, the improvements and everything in the little time I spent. I need to get to my homework now (TT^TT)

America: No longer the land of the free

 mood: Wants to die (X_X)

Proposition 8 passed [;_;] Gay marriage is now banned in California. Why is the world so intolerant? I noticed nearly all the people who voted yes(to ban gay marriage) were Christian, and Christianity says that only man and women are to be together. Some people said they were offended by this but it is the truth and truths aren’t always painless but… separation of Church and State. It’s in our constitution. If those people could just put religion aside and think of the American values of Liberty, equality and the rights of the people I think this unjust proposition wouldn’t had passed. Hundreds of people go to my high school, chances are one of them is gay. For these people they’re could be a future they will never know, they will never experience a part of life-marriage. Some people argue that having children is also a part of life and gay people can’t do that. But they’re is hundreds of orphans in need of love, care and a family. Gay couples can, and in my opinion better than most normal fathers. The children don’t care that if the parents send them to school and other kids will be all like “haha you have two fathers (or mothers)!” at least they know someone cares for them. MARRIAGE SHOULD NOT BE A SUPER SPECIAL THING THAT ONLY CERTAIN PEOPLE CAN DO.

~ On a *much* lighter note, they’re are Thanksgiving Blog themes featuring Cinnamoroll and Mashumaru :D

Aquarium + My Melo Typing game!

I went to the Aquarium of the Pacific for like 1 and half hours xD I got too bored there D: But here are a couple of photos taken there~

Yes I am double-jointed, that is why the funky bended fingers. It so fun watching the little puffin following my fingers around xD

Those birds ( I forgot their name D:) are so  colorful and fun. I really like them :) Gah, I look at this picture and I am confused of what was the weather at that time. Coz I have my sleeves rolled up yet I am wearing this really puffy vest (O_o)

Also they’re is a typing game here on Sanriotown now featuring My Melo and friends. It made me smile, coz in my computer science class we do a lot of typing, I can’t practice with it xD I got a little intimidated when word telecommunications popped up xD Here is a screenie of me playing a little early in the game, I just quickly hit the print screen key xD

California Voters - NO! on Prop 8!!


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