Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone~ Tomorrow is Hello Kitty’s Birthday and the start of Daylight Savings Time here xD


I’m not trick-or-treating or anything for Halloween so I’m posting so crazy it’s almost spamming >.> Anyways I need a little help in HKO~

Everytime I stop fighting the centipede because I’m running out of HP, or I actually run out the monster’s health bar is magically filled (T_T) And I have to start all over, then I pass out, then start over again (T_T) That’s all I have been doing on HKO these days (T_T)


I’m thinking that Sanriotown should have it’s own time zone  I dunno, it’s just that I remember when I was little and played Club Penguin they created their own game time zone- PST (Penguin Standard Time) because they had many users around the world and 5 o’ clock to one player is different from another player. So why not KST- Kitty Standard Time. I also remember on the last day of CB GM - Tadakatsu was spoiling a lot of us CB testers xD but he had to take a break from it to eat lunch when at that time I had eaten dinner 4 hours ago. (O_o) Just a thought~

Does anyone know?

I am on the Red Alert! quest on HKO. I have got 10/10 of scorpion stingers and chilopod antenna but I still need Insane Scorpion and Crazy Chilopod antenna. Is there an Insane Scorpion and Crazy Chilopod? If so, where are they because I been searching for days now.


I miss middle school ;_; I used to have so much free time but now I am buried under work. I used to be on top of everything going on in my online world, by the way has anyone noticed the chat tab in Sanriotown Europe? Look:

Little How to~

I am bored. A  lot. So I guess I’d teach something that I am not too sure about all Sanriotown users knowing: Finding someones email thru their blog URL and vice versa. Here is my blog URL:


Do you you spot the email? It’s angelchaolchao4:hellokitty.com! Just replace the colon with the “@” symbol. If your Sanriotown email is at mymelody.com or kuririnmail.com it would say that instead in your URL.

So  finding the blog with the email, very simple. Just replace the “@” in the email with a colon and add blog.sanriotown.com in front of it ^^ I getting sleepy… (-o-)zZZ

Wah (T_T)

I am so stupid (TT^TT) I started playing HKO yesterday (I played for 4 hours straight!) and I got to this quest called “Trip to Florapolis” Hana wants me to go see Lily, so I assume she is in Florapolis from the quest name. She isn’t. And I’m confused. I wander through Dream Forest (formally known as Fantasia Forest in CB) and I west of Florapolis and end up in Londan. So I find Lily… but she has no symbol or anything above her head. Thats when I realize “OMG the is a Lily at the Harbor! I made this trip for nothing (T_T)” I ran out of HP 2 times to get to her because I kept getting attacked by monsters (T_T)

My other comments on HKO:

  • I liked the music from CB better (T_T)
  • The NPCs are so tiny!
  • Love the new shop NPCs, and their hats XD
  • I like how icons appear by the monsters if you’re fighting them.
  • That chat bubbles are GREAT!!
  • Florapolis is so quiet now unlike in CB
  • THe game is generally more challenging now =)

Torrent time!

One of my computers has uTorrent on it (I don’t know why just one has it, probably I am too lazy to put it on the others =P Some people think it would be awesome to have a room full of computers but it really isn’t, especially if some have different operating systems than others) so I torrenting HKO like how Ripplecloud and Victor5 suggested. See you guys in-game…sometime =\


So… I can am installing HKO in another one of my computers since I can’t on the others (T_T) I go on the site to get the installer ( I already have the torrent) and look at this:

=O *gasp* where did it go?

More Gah!

Still need to download HKO (X_X) I am acing my classes but I am procrastinating HKO (T_T) I see HKO has had a server update, so I guess once I get a chance to play I won’t run into login problems. Since it is thursday I am certain I will be able to play within 2 days, unless I am assigned weekend homework (T_T)

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