I got the cure!

When I saw Ganta running down the street screaming. I figured out a way to turn Mimmy back to a kitten!  This potion! *Pulls out a vessel* Things can be added to this potion to turn a creature into another! In this case I added some of Mimmy’s fur! I sneaked into her house and there was a lot of it on her bed XD Normally the creature has to drink the potion but Mimmy is too smal to drink it, so we will pour some of it on her. *Pours the potion on Mimmy, sparkles suround her*

HKO second most popular MMORPG!!

Learned this from hkotest082 :) She didn’t name or link the site but apparently it’s a hardcore gaming site, here is a little screenie, if you know the site tell me :)

OMG it even pwned WoW!!

HKO London Screenies!!

Screenshots are from the Official HKO Blog. So behold the Sanrio’d London!

Gosh I wish London really looked like this (@_@) I’d rather go to this London than the real one XD I am really getting impatient about being in game again (>o<)

Yays! HKO Game Client makeover!

Screenshots are from GM-Neverender :)

That little channel menu makes the chatting system look  slightly complicated but once OB starts and we are given instruction for this I think I will get it right away :3

Looks like the combat looks a bit different too. What is that bubble and that little star wand icon there for?

Cute pink dialogue bubbles!! Mimmy is in London now?! Also what is the gift box and rising star icon on the side icons?

New Blog themes!

Of all the new themes the one I have right now suits my fancy. Yep, HKO theme. Here are the others you can choose~

Autistic Tragety

This is something I want to share, especially to Okasaneko since the main character is autistic. It is called Life of a Dot by indecision.

Pink Bear’s Birthday + New the GazettE Single!!

Happy Birthday to Pink Bear!!

Also the GazettE has a new single coming out!!

Mimmy is a bug?!

How did that happen?! Was it a spell I did? (T_T) There has to be something I can do to make her into the cute kitty she was again (ToT)

Me :)

Ruki + Reita Reading Tongue Twisters = FAIL XD

The underlined parts of the Tongue Twisters is what they got wrong X3 The tongue twister is like a Japanese version red lorry yellow lorry blue lorry. Sort of.

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