New Blog themes~

Wee! Finally! And look there’s a Cinnamoroll on too~

Perfect for Cinnamoroll’s blog Cafe Cinnamon! There’s also a Kuririn one and a Purin on too~

New Guild 2

I made a new guild on HKO :P It’s called “Remember Harbor.” The Sanrio Harbor is where everyone starts in the game, but now that is all it is. The Harbor is like our character’s home. We may build our houses in Florapolis but the Harbor is truly home! No one goes there anymore and the GMs (game masters) are all alone there T_T Beta testers please join >_<

New guild~

I made a new Guild on HKO. It’s called Kitty Love <3

Beta testers join If you wuv Hello Kitty 


I accidentally deleted my Kaoru character on HKO T_T Oh well, at lest my screen name on HKO can be *~Angie~* now so you guys can find me ^^

Greetings from HKO

Just to tell you guys that my screen name on HKO is Kaoru. My friend tried to pull a funny and register me as that name (>_<) I wanted to put *~Angie~* but no. I am so mad at my friend (`_’)


mood: (*o*) awe

Elephant Painting
First Thailand (my home country <3) has elephants that paint and now a pig that give massages. Sadly don’t have any video at the moment, I’ll look for it. It has to end up on the internet some time.

Oh Gosh…

mood: anxious

The Closed Beta for HKO starts in 2 days and I still haven’t got the package!!

EDIT: I got the package and just installed the game on my new laptop!!!


Dear Closed Beta tester,

We hope you enjoy the package that we’ve prepared just for you. So now that you have everything needed to start playing Hello Kitty Online, we’d just like to inform you of the start and end date for our Closed Beta testing period.

CB Start: 23 April 2008, 00:00 Hong Kong Time (GMT +8)
CB End: 7 May 2008, 00:00 Hong Kong Time (GMT +8)

You will only be able to log-in to your account once the Closed Beta period has started. While waiting, we hope you can take some time to explore Sanriotown’s Dream Studio and blog features, as these will be integrated into Hello Kitty Online.

If you have problems viewing any of the video tutorials through the splash screen interface, you may access them through the DVD using Windows Explorer. By opening the folder named “HKO_video_tutorial”, you can find all the video guides linked on the splash screen.

We’d also like to remind you not to upload these tutorials or any of the provided materials on any public domain (e.g. YouTube) as they were intended only to aid you in the Closed Beta period. The tutorial videos are not the final products, and they will still be improved in the near future.

For any other concerns and questions regarding the Closed Beta period, please email us at We’ll be keeping you posted for updates through the HKO game site and official blog. Also, watch out for special events during and after the Closed Beta through the official HKO event blog.

Thank you for your interest in the HKO Closed Beta, and we look forward to seeing you in Sanrio Land!

Warm regards,

GM Abby
HKO Community Manager

Bill Nye @ Uci!!

Sorry, I had to break the links, these pictures are mine >:3
----- Forwarded Message ----
From: Matt V <>
Sent: Saturday, April 19, 2008 10:05:23 PM
Subject: bill nye pictures

I took a few bill nye pictures. They aren't very good,
but angie wants to see them anyway.

Image005.jpg,  240 x 320  [~22K] 

Image006.jpg,  240 x 320  [~15K] 

Image007.jpg,  600 x 800  [~124K] 

Image008.jpg,  600 x 800  [~111K] 

Image009.jpg,  600 x 800  [~78K] 

I’m such a kid XD


I love Barkley from Sesame Street! I used to watch that show when I was a kid and Barkley just came to my mind when I saw this picture of Uruha from the GazettE:

BTW: Both of these pictures were taken in Japan :3

My Brother Saw Bill Nye!!

mood: happy

Yep Bill Nye; The unquestioned, official science guy. He was over at UC Irvine lecturing about the environment and my brother was there! He said he looks the same as he does in that picture, except he has a couple of gray hairs. Otherwise he’s in very great shape.


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