…haven’t been posting lately T_T I’ve been working on an Essay for school. It was worth 50 points, like half our grade >_> Don’t have the grade for it yet, but here’s my essay. It’s about T.V. Violence affecting society. It’s called An Inescapable Influence: A screen of Visuals Affecting Society.


 Students avoiding fights in the hall, walking home in fear and even sleeping in bathtubs at night to avoid stray bullets shot at drive-by shootings. The world is a really scary place and unfortunately many children know it from T.V. shows like Cops and America’s Most Wanted. T.V. influence much to society but especially to young children, they become more aggressive, less sensitive to the pain and suffering of others and they also fear the world around them.

        Children behaving more aggressively are one of the main causes of T.V. violence.  When the author was in preschool she was a quiet kid that kept to herself who was bullied by the kids opposite of her. One day, just sneaking around in hopes of understanding them she overheard one conversation of their favorite T.V. shows. That night she asked her elder sibling about it, all he said was, “…don’t watch those shows, ever.”  One study done by George Gerbner of University of Pennsylvania observed preschool student before and after watching violent television. Most males started lashing out at classmates and disobeying their teachers. Did you hear that? MALES. Tannis Macbeth Williams and other researchers from University of British Columbia compared the levels of aggression between of first and second graders of two Canadian towns. One with television access and the other, due to mountain ranges, had none. WHEN THE MOUNTAIN TOWN GAINED TELEVISION ACCESS HITTING, BITING AND SHOVING LEVELS HAD RAISED 160 PERCENT. Coincidence? I think not. These kinds of things are on television: Nanny 911, Super Nanny and cartoons of sibling rivalry like Animaniacs.

        In addition to behaving more aggressive they become less sensitive to the pain and suffering of others. You may not notice- but you see it, hear it and know it. Stereotypically children are always told to apologize for harming others. They’re T.V. shows where the hero rebels and saves the day! Those kinds of shows happen to be very inspirational for adults but they happen to give kids the wrong idea. They think they will make a difference, good difference

        If none of the above damage happens, this will happen: they will fear the world around them. Consider the statistic: one in six people has SEEN or KNOW someone that has been shot, and they are between ages ten and seventeen. Even as adults, wouldn’t you be scared if you see a person shot right before your eyes. If it’s that scary to you could you imagine what a traumatizing sight it is for an adolescent? Even if they see it on T.V. it scares them because they will know it exists. Even Newsweek concluded that “It gets dark early in the Midwest this time of year. Long before many parents come home from work, the shadows creep up the walls and gather up corners, while on the carpet a little figure sprawls in the glow of an anchorman’s tan. There’s been murder in the loop, a fire in a nightclub, an indictment of another priest. Red and white lights swirl in urgent pinwheels, as the ambulances howl down the dark streets. And one more crime never gets reported, because there is no one to arrest. Who killed childhood? We all did.” How did we do it? Here’s how: the actual invention of the television, creations of crazy T.V. shows and just plain exposing them to mind damaging programs in the first place.

Made Video

Now we have to make a video to be accepted to the closed beta for Hello Kitty online, so here’s mine ^^

Scary O.O

I was at the library today practicing guitar outside. Seems like a normal day, but it’s not. This guy white guy attempted to kidnap two twin girls, but luckily a librarian caught him >:3 It’s just the guy’s white, and the twins were Asian and look nothing like him. So librarian came up and said “Girls come over here.” and the guy just took off! The librarian called the cops and just 2 minutes later the cops were here and arrested him! Also some suspicious woman was staring at my open backpack, eye-ing my tokidoki purse D< I was like “What is it?! Crime Day at the library?!” You know when I was little I almost got kidnapped at the library too, but then I stuffed myself into a cupboard in a playhouse and he didn’t find me =)

Waaah T_T

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40,000 beta testers for Hello Kitty online and I am not one of them. I feels so depressed, I have been waiting for a Hello Kitty MMORPG before Sanrio even thought of it T_T I am going to cry with my Hello Kitty plushie now…

EDIT: 50,000 players and I am not one of them T^T

My Fav Gaming Site features HKO

 Only one MMO could possibly release World of Warcraft’s death-grip on the massively multiplayer gaming market - Hello Kitty Online. Sanrio Digital proudly announces that HKO - the cool gamer abbreviation sure to sweep the nation - is now entering the closed beta phase in preparation for the game’s expected late 2008 release. The free-to-play game features all of the MMO standards - customizable avatars, player housing, crafting, a sophisticated combat system…Hello Kitty combat? I can’t wait! The whole shebang is tied into the community features at, so players can share videos, email, and blog about their personal Hello Kitty experiences.

Targeting female players from their pre-teens to twenties, Hello Kitty Online is the first installable MMORPG to set its sights on this demographic profile.

Funny, I know another group aiming at that demographic, oftentimes easily identified by the law-mandated signs in their front yard. Hit the jump for the press release and info on how you can get in on some of this hot HKO action.

Visit to learn more about my future favorite MMO!

Click here to see!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Saw something Amazing on Ellen

I was watching the Ellen DeGeneres Show and James Blunt was on it. He told the most amazing story. HE PUT HIS SISTER ON EBAY! I am serious, he put his sister on Ebay. He advertised her as “a damsel in distress needing to go to a funeral in Ireland” It’s true, she needed to go to a funeral in Ireland, and guess what? This really rich man bought her and he OWNS A HELICOPTER and actually flew her to Ireland so she can go to the funeral! They got married 6 months ago ^^ James Blunt said “In two weeks I will be putting my other sister on Ebay *laughs*”

Spoilers Page Updated

It has new info on Hello Kitty online ^^


I haven’t posted for  a while. I went to Disneyland again XD My sister gave me a Garfield the cat beanie baby. I have 3 Garfield beanie babies here they are:

  Movie Garfield!

  Goodnight Garfield! -.-zZZ

  Garfield wuv :3

Sanrio February Birthdays!

Chibimaru - February 4

Kuririn and Sakura - February 4

Zashikibuta - February 4

Patty - February 5

Hoshinowaguma - February 7

Latte - February 14

Mocha - February 20; Milk - February 4

Mashumaro Nyanko - February 22

Pochacco - February 29

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