Happy Birthday Kuromi!!!…

mood: >:3 evil

…and Happy Halloween! XD


I admit to doing this to my own friends ^^’  Those people ,or should I say “nobodies”(if you play Kingdom Hearts 2 you will know what I mean), are from Organization XIII. The tanned guy writing is Xemnas, the eyepatched guy is Xigbar and the other guy is Xaldin.

I’m back!

mood: whoopsies

Yeah, I didn’t post for a while I know. My internet was down so I spent a few days fixing it…along with our modem. I also added a new Whuddleworld Fan Badge to my collection. Go to the page to see it!



Neoblíbené jídlo:jahody ( náhodou jahody jsou fajn :3) a pepř

Oblíbený typ lidí: roztomilí,úžasní

Neoblíbený typ lidí: hloupí a ubohý

Oblíbený předmět ve škole: angličtina a japonština

Anyone know what language is that???

Home Renovations

mood: awe

Are home has had a couple of renovations :3 Me and my sister’s restroom has a new shower faucet thingy. Our cracked window is fixed and we have a new back door :3 I am kinda happy.


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I went on Sanriotown this morning(7:30 am) and for some reason I couldn’t log in. I tried all day and I couldn’t get in until 7:21 p.m. Pacific time! I wonder what was wrong 


I watched a stand-up by a really popular comedian named Dane Cook and it made me wonder… what do you say when an atheist sneezes? Because he said “I don’t say bless you because I am not God, I can’t do that. I am just a messenger from big guns upstairs you know what I am saying? And I don’t say kazoontite(?) because I feel like I am honoring Hitler  *salutes* kazoontite! I end up on the History channel because a guy sneezed.” So…what do you say when an atheist sneezes?

Updated Links page

I added a new section: Donated Banners/Buttons. This section will be for banner that Sanriotown Blog users create for me. So if you create a banner/button for me TELL ME. So that it will be posted in my links section. So that people who want to link me can have more choices ^^ and so they know what banners link to me. Also if I see you link me with a button you make yourself and didn’t tell me…

1. I will discourage the use of that link if any of my readers see your blog >:3

2. It will be unofficial and you get in trouble with me. >:(

New Page~ Whuddleworld Fan Badges

Whuddleworld.com has become The Whuddle Online Gossip Log. Though the content I wouldn’t say is gossip. I say it’s news. Well Whuddleworld has created official Fan badges. I would say I am a fan. I played Whuddleworld everyday before it was closed. Read about the badges and view my colection on the page.

Father’s home from Thailand

 mood: happi

Yay! My dad is finally home from Thailand :3 He brought back some yummy food…*drools*. Also some shirts…but for my older sister. I got some hair clips. Well, 6. 3 butterflies and 3 flowers. A blue butterfly, a pink butterfly and an orange butterfly. All the butterflies have silver trim. The flowers are roses. One is a pink flower with black trim( My favorite one), the black and yellow flowers have gold trim.

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