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Hello Kitty Items Freak Show

Hello! Welcome to my gallery of strange Hello Kitty items that have never been featured*!

*at least items I have never seen featured.

A Hello Kitty Gun! 0.o

A Hello Kitty Manicure!

ANOTHER Hello Kitty car!

Hello Kitty USB Keyboard cleaner!

Hello Kitty ramen!

…and a Hello Kitty Fire Extinguisher!

KT Tee!…again

mood:~you get the picture~

Yep, that’s right. For those of you keeping track I have 3 Hello Kitty tees. This one is gray and says “Miss Chatterbox” and has a pic of KT talking on the phone. I am usually silent but I still can talk for long periods of time.

Finally Visited George and Pe Nok’s Baby!

mood:KT Blush Love!

Their baby is so cute!!! When we first got to the house the baby wasn’t home(George takes the baby to school).When the baby did come home he was sleeping. We also found out the baby’s name! It’s Alen.

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Ok, the five best nights of my life.

1. The first night when I didn’t have a nightmare.

2. Sleeping over at a friend’s house.

3. My birthday (we always celebrate my birthday in the night time, because daytime my father isn’t home because of work.)

4. The night last year’s school chorus(which I was in!) sang at some church.

5. I think that is it! no 5th one =(

Registered for school!

Yay I’m registered for school! Geeze, it was so crowded. Also going to be in my school chorus again!!! My school ID card maker wasn’t working at the time, so I will be getting my ID card at the beginning  of the school year

Another KT tee from Forever 21!


Got another Hello Kitty Tee from Forever 21! It says “ciao bella”. It means Hello beautiful in Italian. It has a picture of Hello Kitty in the the most pretty dress and she’s at the Leaning Tower of Pisa.


Also my other cousins George and Pe Nok(she is only cousin by marriage) had a baby boy, we don’t know the baby’s name yet but we will! since we are visiting them today


Also my Aunt (by marriage) and uncle have a baby named Sandy.


Also remember when I told you guys how i went to a baby shower cause my cousin Steven’s girlfriend is pregnant, well we found out its name! Cloud. Yep thats right, Cloud. Cloud as in the Cloud in Final Fantasy, Cloud in the Final Fantasy  movie “Advent Children”, Cloud in Kingdom Hearts. Well, isn’t that fun?


Geeze, my family is having a lot of babies o.o

BREAKING NEWS: World’s oldest person dies in Japan at age 114


Mon Aug 13, 10:16 AM ET

TOKYO (AFP) - The world’s oldest person, a Japanese woman who counted eating well and getting rest as her hobbies, died Monday at age 114, a news report said.

Yone Minagawa, a widow who lived in a nursing home but was still sprightly late in life, died “of old age” Monday evening, Kyodo News reported.

There was no immediate answer to a telephone call placed to city hall in her town in southern Fukuoka prefecture.

Born on January 4, 1893, Minagawa was already in her 50s when Japan surrendered in World War II.

She had been certified as the world’s oldest person by the Guinness Book of World Records after Emma Faust Tillman, the daughter of freed American slaves, died in January.

Despite her advanced age, Minagawa was said to enjoy eating sweets and counted eating well and getting a good night’s sleep as the secrets of her longevity.

Her nursing home said Minagawa had celebrated becoming the world’s oldest person earlier this year with a Western-style lunch of bread, stew, salad and a dessert.

Japanese women are the world’s oldest living people, in what experts attribute to a traditionally healthy diet and high standard of medical care.

Their life expectancy was a record 85.81 years in 2006, according to the government.

Japanese men are the world’s second oldest with a life expectancy of 78.8 second only to men in Iceland who on average live to be 79.4.

Baby Shower


My cousin’s girlfriend is pregnant! So I attended because my cousin said so (><). We had my cousin’s friends do karaoke. It was so funni.

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