Got shot by Rubber Band


Got shot by a rubber band today. I don’t know who or the motive.  So I have some rubber bands and I just shot it in the direction it came at me. When i did  I heard someone say: “Ouch!”

Last Week of Summer School!!!


It’s the last week of Summer school! Yes!!! Now I can enjoy my summer. No more work! Of course, there’s finals the day before the last day of school .

Going To Disneyland Today!!!


Yay! I’m going to Disneyland today! I will [+add] on to this post later to tell about my visit.



Back from Disneyland I had so much  fun! I also went to Disney’s California Adventure, though my fear of their rides i didn’t do much :p I went on the monorail at Disney land =) When I went to Downtown Disney I got the cutest Pooh plushie 

The Simpson’s Movie is out!!!!


YAY!!! The Simpson’s  Movie is out! I so want to watch it! I mean it’s not everyday there is a action comedy. There even is a new Simpson’s video game. Homer has a power to turn into a big, fat ball and change back to himself and Bart is the “Bartman” if there is smoke coming from a chimney and he jumps over the chimney he flies!!

I gots a Tamagotchi V4.5!!!!!!!!!!

mood:very,very,very happi

Let me tell you now I put “gots” there in the title on purpose. Why? For no reason whatsoever. Ok anyways…    I GOT A TAMAGOTCHI V4.5!!! So happi ^^ It’s a girl, hurray! Boys on Tamagotchi V4.5 are ugly :p

Tea Party with Tracy


I went to a tea party at my best friend’s house today. I had to walk>_< She lives close anyways.  It wasn’t really a tea party. It was mostly as practicing are fighting skills >:)


mood: >:3 evil

Today guys were shooting rubber bands everywhere, 5 almost hit me. But there came a breakthrough, My teacher gave me rubber bands!!! She said to not shoot them in class though. Yes, time for sweet, stinging revenge >:3

Life at school after turning 13…


…it sucks!!! I almost got shot by staples 3 times!!! Guys are such jerks!!! I hate boys . My summer school teacher is the same teacher I had for 7th grade. She asked me, “These boys are worst then the ones in our old class aren’t they?” I answered yes.


mood:overcomed with cuteness

…this is the cutest little puppy ever!

Happy Birthday 2 me!

mood:happi,very happi

I told you guys that i would admit something today. So here it goes…I am 13 years old. All this time it has been a teeny-bopping 12-year-old that has been blogging here. I admit it today since that 12-year-old is now 13! Ha-ha-ha! Now these are some presents i got . I got five Presents.

*Disney Pooh Cuties Diary.  It is about the size of an iphone It folds open and in side you will find a notepad, phone book and the diary is actually a weekly planner, that could be used as a diary.

*Disney Pooh cuties Japanese lunch box~even comes with a spoon!

* Disney Cuties Mickey Mouse Pen

*MAYBELLINE Wet Shine Diamonds Liquid in Rhinestone Pink

* And my favorite present~ Forever 21 Hello Kitty T-shirt!!! Used under license by Sanrio.

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