Graduation Dinner


I went to a graduation dinner with my sister last night. She will be graduating soon. Like next week. So we went to this formal dinner. I was bored to death! And very hungry, so hungry that my stomach hurt. That also gave out certificates of appreciation. My sister’s friend Kathy they spelled her name wrong! They spelled it Cathy. There is so much people out there who’s name is Kathy. I wonder why people always assume it is spelled with a C!

Hello Kitty Public Pool

mood:blah =/

Hello Kitty’s public pool. A pool party is always here!

YAY!!! My brother is coming home!!!


So happi my brother is coming home. My brother is in college, lives in a dorm. But he is coming home in 2 weeks!!!…for summer school at PCC. I have summer school too. Both of us will suffer the pain of summer school together. But I’m kinda glad I am not the only one suffering while others are having fun. But I really don’t think my brother deserves this >-< . He is a really great student. He is going to be on this like i dunno what it’s called something like dean list, it is something good i know.

Born Kingdom Hearts Fan

mood:in deep thought

I found something really strange looking back when i was a little kid. It’s how I drew hearts. Now when i was little it was a time when the NES was something new. Wait actually that is when I was a baby never mind. But long story short the Playstation didn’t exist. Now that is the console that the game Kingdom Hearts was released in. Anyways how I drew hearts, exactly how The Kingdom Hearts Logo is drawn You now like this:

See the Heart? Thats how i drew hearts when I was little-long before the game Kingdom Hearts was created. I guess I am a born Kingdom Hearts Fan.

Favourite Foamy Videos


These are my favourite Foamy Videos, so funni.Yep Foamy is a star.

Foamy Fan Mail Episode IV

Foamy Dating Advice

Foamy “Fat-Kins Diet”

Foamy Hurricane Katrina

Unlocked Hearts

mood: very sad

This is the part of Kingdom Hearts when Sora becomes BRIEFLY is a heartless. I cried so much at this part that the t-shirt I was wearing got soaked, seriously.



Technorati Profile

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So i hav a technorati profile. If you search and find my blog on technorati I should be the only author. If you see someone else than Angelchao in the “authors” list TELL ME, send me an email: ( and tell that so called author “hey! Angela is the only author of this blog! If u were another author she would post about it! I’m telling her!”

Cupcake Smiley!!!

mood:overcome with cuteness

Thanks to Sweet Stephanie There will be a new cute & Sweet Cupcake Smiley!Isn’t it adorable? I just love it. Plus new ultra-cute smileys from pretty secrets! Well, actually i got pictures from the site. But here they are!





Kingdom Hearts Obsession

mood: hypnotized

Ok, so i hav been obsessed with Kingdom Hearts. But everything is getting freaky. I feel like Kingdom Hearts is coming to life. So the word keychain. You know wat that makes me think? Here it is:

KEYblade CHAIN of Memories(Kingdom Hearts game for the gameboy).

It also haz a certain glow(cause the keychain is a flashlight)-a glow like the door of light at the ending of Kingdom Hearts 2. I am going nuts, everything is crazi. But still it is not going to end my love for this game.

My new url!!!


Well, maintenance is over, i hav a new URL! Here it is:!

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