Universal Studios!


I went to Universal studios! It was so fun! I first went to the House of Terror! I wasn’t scared honestly. I actually gave a thumbs up to one of the people in a scary costume! So funni. My favorite ride was the studio tour. It is an actual ride, seriously!

Sanrio.com makeover!

mood: happi

Sanrio.com has gotten a fresh, new, ultra-cute and extra pink makeover! There is a cute art studio where you can make pictures to turn into framed artwork, e-card, paper dolls and more! Plus new games like Cinnamoroll’s Saucers Snap!

check it out:


Superior rating!!!!

mood: surprised
The chorus festival went GREAT!!! My school’s chorus got Superior rating!!! That is the best rating you can possibly get!!! We are going to receive a plaque in the mail!

I don’t like the dream umbrella!!!

mood: sad
Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh!!! Me don’t like the dream umbrella!! It’s Heart+Soul that won!!! Me wanted Grey Echo! All my friends wanted Grey Echo! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh!!!

Looking back on the Hello Kitty Dream Wedding…

mood: love!!!<3
…I WANT A WEDDING LIKE THAT!!!…that is if a ever meet a guy that isn’t a jerk… and can’t tolerate my big, loud AHHHHHHH! whenever i see something totally cute, such as Hello Kitty. Oh, if cute came in a box she would be inside.


mood: excited!!!

My school’s chorus is going to a festival April 25! My sis will be a chaperon. After the festival we will go to the mall 4 lunch! A girl that was in the chorus last year said that everyone was buying bunch of stuff from Borders, really popular store. Everyone loves to buy books there.

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