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My Dream Car!

Kitty’s Bedroom

Kitty’s bedroom

Kitty’s cute bedroom! The place for Hello Kitty & friends.

Kitty’s Living Room

Kitty’s Living Room

Hello Kitty’s Living room. She hosts fun parties here!

Kitty’s Playroom

Hello Kitty Playroom

Kitty’s cute playroom! The place 4 funtime!

A pair of dice is showing my possible future!

This is so freaky! So my brother is home for his Birthday & Thanksgiving. I got a pair of large foam dice someone didn’t want. Doesn’t seem unusual right? Well, I toss the dice 4 or 5 times. Each time one die(single dice) had six on it and the other said two. Maybe the six is for the word sick and two is the numder of days. I might get sick in two days! Guess what, my brother is sick! I might get sick from him!

Do you like to dollmakers & dressup games? These are the sites 4 you!

These are great sites if you love dollmakers & dressup games:

http://www.elouai.com (#1 dollmaker site!)

http://www.i-dressup.com (this is the site that loves makeup, fashion and most of all…dressup games!)

My friend moved! :-(

Me so :-(. My friend Khina moved to Minnesota. She moved just because her mom could get a job there! Why… why so soon.

Hello world!

Welcome to blog.sanriotown.com/angelchao4:hellokitty.com. This is my first post. I know it will seems like a humble little blog right now but watch- this blog will get cuter and cuter!!! I hope you are interested now because I’ll post some cute stuff!

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