I’m now taking pet card requests! Please read this page carefully before requesting.

Important Details:

I’m taking pet card requests ONLY ON US/CANADA. I may take pet card requests on International in the future, but that would be a VERY LONG TIME FROM NOW.
I don’t take requests on item mall pets, limited edition pets, e.t.c. I also don’t take requests on bosses, but there is a very small chance I will in the future.
I would rather you request a card that I don’t already have in my collection. Check my pet card collection page for the list.
It may take up to a month for me to get the card to you (but usually it would only take about 3-7 days). I mean, I may be busy with irl stuff (with school starting back up soon) or busy getting other cards for people.

How To Request:

Comment on my blog, leave a visitor message on my Sanrio Town profile, email me at anastasiakiwi10@hellokitty.com, ask me ingame, or let me know somewhere else you know I’ll see it. I need to know your ingame name and the card you want. In the future if I start taking pet card requests on International I’ll need to know your server too. I also need a way to contact you, so that I can tell you when I got the card and we can choose a time to meet up ingame that will work for both of us. If you don’t respond to me when I tell you I have the card, I will wait one month, and if you haven’t picked up the card by then I’ll give the card to someone else. I won’t carry these around forever, people!

Me And Ashiko-chan

P.S. This is the second time I’ve typed up this page. Somehow I got exited out of it the first time when I was almost done typing it. -_-’