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Ocean Park Manila

Sunday, April 20th, 2008

Guidelines that you must follow when you visit Ocean Park Manila on a Sunday morning (or keep in mind anyway):

1. Wear closed shoes. If it’s steel-toed, all the better! And if you had it spiked, fantastic! Why? So that those who step on your toes will be the ones experiencing the pain.

2. Don’t bother saying excuse me. People might appreciate it but they’ll still keep on shoving and pushing. And suddenly you realize that you’re the only one who knows how to say the phrase.

3. Forget about personal space. Throw it with the sharks.

4. If a kid pushes you forcefully so that he can get to the display, say excuse me with an agitated voice and I guarantee you, his mother will scold him.

5. Even though flash photography isn’t allowed, people will still intentionally use it. They will look around and avoid those people who carry around the “Flash photography is prohibited” sign. My thoughts on the matter? It isn’t Ocean Park’s fault that the fishes keep on swimming around and that you can’t take a pic of it with such slow shutter speed. Better yet, it’s not Ocean Park’s fault that you can’t afford to buy a better camera D: Poor fishes.

He saw you flashing your camera, dude, and he’s staring at you!
Be afraid.
Be very afraid.

Photos taken using my Nokia N82. Without flash.

Except maybe this one. Grabbed from my sister’s phone :o)

6. Stick with the tour guide so that you won’t have to read the info material for each fish. She knows all the fishes and she’ll give you little tidbits of trivia here and there. Never mind her horrific grammar and you’re all set! (Give her a tip afterwards cause she’s gonna be around those pushing people for an entire day after all! Poor girl :c)

P.S. The tour guide suggested not visiting on a weekend :3 But well, it’s the time my dad is around so… ;o)

Was it Just me?

Sunday, December 2nd, 2007

Did you or did you not see this doll in Enchanted (the movie)?

It was in the chair with the little girl’s other dolls when the dad (PATRICK DEMPSEY FTW!) puts her to bed.


Hee. Idina Menzel = hotness. She should be the princess! She should’ve been singing!!!

Photo from Pretty-Ugly.

Happy Birthday, Hello Kitty!

Thursday, November 1st, 2007

Sorry I learn about it only now! Happy birthday, Hello Kitty! :)

Meanwhile, here I am excited for tomorrow cause tomorrow, my high school friends are coming over our house and they’re going to have lunch here! ^_^


I want to penguin sit!

Saturday, October 20th, 2007

DSC00112Earlier, I visited my best friend Lynsley before going to a dinner/birthday celebration! :D

I really really missed her!

She’s absolutely great! She’s a mangaka! A manga artist! (Check out her online portfolio if you don’t believe me)

She was supposed to let me rabbit-sit her rabbit cause she’s going to Beijing this November 6 (she has finally decided to stay there).

So then I search around and see Yuu standing beside his stuffed friends above the bed. So I grab him and plead that she let me baby sit him (her?) too!

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Prince Hours

Monday, May 21st, 2007

Guess what I did before I went online? :P

Well, I’ve always hated guessing games —


Photo from goong-s.com

And again, I got bored by the first episode.
Though… I ♥ SE7EN.

I’m going to continue watching this — if only to watch out for this guy. I’m going to be stopping myself from drooling every time XD

Anyone share the same sentiments?

Why you should camwhore.

Thursday, May 17th, 2007

thea and tiff
For one, it’s always fun when you point a camera at yourself.

thea and tiff
Second, you get to make weird faces — doesn’t happen so often.

thea and tiff
Third, well, it makes you feel like a star.

- o -

And… We get to realize that we just might be descended from monkeys cause we look like them sometimes. Yay.

thea and tiff
thea and tiffthea and tiff