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They’re not box-shaped. Why call them boxers?

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

You must have been living under a rock if you haven’t seen the latest in Hello Kitty fashion!

I actually laughed myself silly when I saw this! I know that men are forever jealous of the fashionable females. But this totally adds a whole new level to it!

Hello Kitty boxers, any one? Hahaha.
And here I am thinking that they might end up being bought by women, anyway.

My say on all this?
My man would wear Hello Kitty! :P

Oh! One more thing! I can’t wait to watch Stardust tomorrow! I hope everything would go smoothly tomorrow :D

Don’t know Stardust?

Watch the trailer!

My Second Q&A

Saturday, September 22nd, 2007

If you noticed, in some blog communities like vox and LJ, they have these questions that bloggers can opt to answer when they have nothing to blog about.

I think this is what Rukia had in mind when she started creating her Q&As.

How it works? Link to her blog posts like what I’m going to do and then answer her question — and I plan on answering all her Q&As! :D

Q&A: What is the One Food Item You Absolutely Refuse to Eat?

So to answer her question: nothing.

I absolutely refuse to eat nothing.
I’m constantly trying out new food and I don’t think icky food will scare me. If I’m assured that it’s edible, I will eat it. Hahaha.

Looking at Rukia’s answer, one thing that she absolutely refuses to eat is balot.

Balot is a fertilized duck egg with a nearly-developed embryo inside.

This picture is a picture of what, my dear friends, we call balot.

It is quite a delicacy here in the Philippines and I have to tell you. It’s one of my favorites!

The yellow part is the egg and the hairy part is the duckling. Now. If you’re going to eat it, don’t pick at it and remove the duckling because I assure you, you will see the body of the whole dead duckling, which isn’t appetizing at all. Bite it and just forget that you’re eating whole small duckling. Lol.

Think of it this way, you eat pigs that are killed, so why not ducks?

P.S. What do you think? Should I create my own Q&As? After all, it’s a way of getting people to link to my blog and a chance for me to see other blogs out there? :) People should really learn how to link love, don’t you think? Besides, it might give those who don’t know what to blog about a chance to blog about something — anything! We should really keep the community going!

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Moon Cake Festival

Saturday, September 22nd, 2007

What I love about sanriotown blogs is the amount of really interesting blogs there.

Like this blog here!

And yes! Moon Cake Festival is around the corner! I just don’t know which corner, care to educate me?

Quoting Kuromi ,

“Anyway, do you guys know about the Moon Cake Festival? Most people call it the Mid-Autumn Festival? it?s a celebration of the legend of the Moon Goddess. There are many versions of that story, but my favorite is the part where the Goddess goes to the moon and turns into a rabbit that creates Moon Cakes! Ohohoho~

You can imagine why this is an important celebration of rabbits everywhere!”

And let’s not forget… ROLLING THE DICE! Anyone had their fill of the games and prizes yet?

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Why am I not surprised?

Monday, June 25th, 2007


I’m a O53-C4-E91-A10-N55 Big Five!

Hopefully, you know what this means XD

Just some featured friends and blogs

Saturday, June 16th, 2007

Sometimes you just feel like you want to spread the love you get from reading other blogs :P

First off, I found a real good find — A blog about behind the scenes Sanrio 3d animation! That’s hot!

And because of the latest POTC movie, a lot of people had been blogging about it. Not to be outdone, iheartbadtz does her own blog about it! Click! Click! It’s definitely worth seeing :P

And of course, I’ll feature all the people who answered my interview (hopefully they link to that post so I know they’ve answered the questions xD)

Ice Tornado

Well, so far, they’re the only ones who answered my questions :) So much fun thinking up silly questions! :)

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Closet Neopet Fanatic

Wednesday, May 30th, 2007

Isn’t he adorable? Yes, it’s a he. I don’t really know what got to my head when I suddenly decided to create a male pet (I wonder if they’ll ever allow these pets to mate XD)

And yes, that’s a faerie paintbrush on him! D:

I really should have sold it — I’d have made big bucks. Shtupid, I know. But then look at him :3 Soooo adorable.

I just currently started playing neopets again xD Don’t shoot me! Lol.

Oooh! I forgot to introduce him to you! His name is Tart1119 :) Don’t ask me why :P

* I hate the monotonous wheel thing T_T I clicked another button in the site and I wasn’t able to claim my prize — yes, it’s the big wheel which takes a long time rolling before it stops.

** Is it just me or did the Potato Counter become wayyyy harder than before? :|

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Gaia Online

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007

GaiaonlineI first heard about this in the mail.com forums.

A user was joining. So I also thought of joining XD I don’t know what’s up with that. I’m hoping I get to play (it is a game, right?) during my free time :) Right now I have work to catch up on.

By the way! Did you guys notice? ♥ The “visual” editor is not back! I missed this! I had a hard time checking out pictures I posted without this.

I’ve been looking around in the blogs, and came across this blog entry that was written a long time ago.

My favorite chair vandalism I saw there would be:

AS chairs: “push button to eject seatmate”
“push button to eject urself”
“push button to kill teacher.”
“push button to eject teacher”
The reply: “it’s jammed! We’re doomed!”

Cracked me up to no end!