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I hate forwarded emails

Sunday, April 27th, 2008

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Family Scandal

Sunday, October 21st, 2007

What do you get when these four people end up in the same house?

You get kid#4 trying to hug kid#3 and then you get a kid#4 flying and falling down his ass after being pushed away by kid#3.

And then when the adults *cough*us*cough* try to get kid#4 to hug kid#3 again, you get an irritated kid#2 pushing away kid#4 and preventing him from hugging his sister.

Kid#1 is perhaps curious about the attention and then proceeds to hug kid#4.

In the end, kid#4 steals a kiss (lips to lips, baybeh) from kid#3. Aww… To which, his father shouts, “Did anyone get a picture of that?”

Kid#1: Angel
Kid#2: Diether
Kid#3: Fiona
Kid#4: Matmat


They’re not box-shaped. Why call them boxers?

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

You must have been living under a rock if you haven’t seen the latest in Hello Kitty fashion!

I actually laughed myself silly when I saw this! I know that men are forever jealous of the fashionable females. But this totally adds a whole new level to it!

Hello Kitty boxers, any one? Hahaha.
And here I am thinking that they might end up being bought by women, anyway.

My say on all this?
My man would wear Hello Kitty! :P

Oh! One more thing! I can’t wait to watch Stardust tomorrow! I hope everything would go smoothly tomorrow :D

Don’t know Stardust?

Watch the trailer!

Moon Cake Festival

Saturday, September 22nd, 2007

What I love about sanriotown blogs is the amount of really interesting blogs there.

Like this blog here!

And yes! Moon Cake Festival is around the corner! I just don’t know which corner, care to educate me?

Quoting Kuromi ,

“Anyway, do you guys know about the Moon Cake Festival? Most people call it the Mid-Autumn Festival? it?s a celebration of the legend of the Moon Goddess. There are many versions of that story, but my favorite is the part where the Goddess goes to the moon and turns into a rabbit that creates Moon Cakes! Ohohoho~

You can imagine why this is an important celebration of rabbits everywhere!”

And let’s not forget… ROLLING THE DICE! Anyone had their fill of the games and prizes yet?

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Gaia Online

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007

GaiaonlineI first heard about this in the mail.com forums.

A user was joining. So I also thought of joining XD I don’t know what’s up with that. I’m hoping I get to play (it is a game, right?) during my free time :) Right now I have work to catch up on.

By the way! Did you guys notice? ♥ The “visual” editor is not back! I missed this! I had a hard time checking out pictures I posted without this.

I’ve been looking around in the blogs, and came across this blog entry that was written a long time ago.

My favorite chair vandalism I saw there would be:

AS chairs: “push button to eject seatmate”
“push button to eject urself”
“push button to kill teacher.”
“push button to eject teacher”
The reply: “it’s jammed! We’re doomed!”

Cracked me up to no end!

It’s always nice when someone’s on your side

Thursday, May 17th, 2007

Let’s say — theoretically speaking — that you had a teacher who gave hard exams and gave you a really really low grade in the subject.

And then you learn that your other sort-of-teacher failed your teacher when your teacher was giving a teaching demo of some sort.

Would you be happy?

Family Fun

Thursday, May 10th, 2007

Thinking up titles is not for me. Haha. Obviously.

I have an adorably adorable family — A mom who’s really sweet and a sister who’s absolutely devilish.

Tiff and TheaOnce while studying for a PE1 quiz (which I ended up getting a zero in since I was late — wasting my two hours of studying, but what the heck), my dear devilish sister was trying to help me differentiate HDLs (good cholesterol) from LDLs (bad cholesterol).

She goes, “Imagine HDL to be me and LDL to be Mommy. You need me to get rid of mommy’s evilness.”

This resulted to a mini pillow fight between the two of them.

Now how can I sleep when these two kids are always at it :P

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So I like to do a lot of things…

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007

I visited my good friend Losman AKA Oble’s blog yesterday. Found something cute, so I decided to copy him.

Directions: Go to Google and search “_____ likes to” (ex. “Losman likes to”). Include the quotation marks. Type in the first ten things that come out.

The cute calico cat, Tiffany likes to be around people.

Now see here. Hello Kitty is my distant relative!

The model, Tiffany likes to explore her love of extreme sports such as white water rafting, boating and sky-diving and has even leaped into cyber-space with her own website.

I don’t do extreme sports. And… does having a blog, count?

The racer, Tiffany likes to hang out with people.

I like living the fast life ;)

The orphan, Tiffany likes to keep busy and on the go.

Yey! Someone who’s prolly going to grow up a workaholic too!

The Karate brown-belter, Tiffany likes to read, write, cook and take care of her family.


The university student, Tiffany likes to spend time with family and friends, go to sporting events, listen to music, and watch movies.

Well, what do you know? I’m really a people person!

The high school senior, Tiffany likes to listen to music and hang out with her friends in her spare time.

I wonder if this Tiff and the Tiff before her are one and the same? She prolly grew up liking the same things. Heh.

The fifth grade, Tiffany likes to spend time reading, and she really enjoys school.

I really enjoy school! :)

Dirty Tiffany likes to be spanked.

So that’s why she doesn’t take a bath. Hmm…

The graduate, Tiffany likes to play softball and hang out with her friends in her spare time.

I used to play softball in high school :) I actually miss it!


Now that’s fun! I wonder if I’d be included in someone’s “Tiffany likes to” someday…

Here’s for y’all: Tiffany likes to drink her green tea frappe at Starbucks and listen to songs on the iPod with friends. Reminiscent of yesterday…

Stayed up until 2am last night studying for PE cause I thought she was going to give a quiz–turns out she didn’t. And so my math teacher has to deal with a very sleepy Tiffy who kept yawning all throughout class.

Sean lent me a part of his Sandman collection–volumes 1-3. I can’t wait to start reading; I want to find out what all the fuss is about.

SandmanSandman Volume 2Sandman Volume 3
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Sunday, April 8th, 2007


Interestingly enough, my friend sent me this picture around months ago because he knew that I liked penguins. And I’ve been contemplating–that’s a real penguin, right? :3 It’s just so adorable!

He reminds me of Lovelace! xD And I ended up searching for the Happy Feet website, which brought me to the Warner Brothers site for Happy Feet–they even have a flash site ;)

As a farewell, this cute gif will be sure to make you laugh. I found this in a friend’s blog…

Penguin Hitting another PenguinPenguin Hitting another PenguinPenguin Hitting another Penguin

Oh, by the way, please click on the pinoy blogs link once in a while so I get good stats for this site :) Thank you.

Let’s advertise the sanriotown blogs more ;D

Darth Vader

Sunday, April 1st, 2007

I was looking for sanriotown links to digg in digg, when I stumbled upon this. x_x

Consider it this way: I’ve died and went to heaven cause of too much laughter. HAHAHA! I can’t believe someone did that!

I immediately shared it to Superbong! XD
Time to share it to others~